How to Make Jewellery With Seed Beads

by : Paul Shane

With the help of these petite seed beads, now you can fill colour in your life and rediscover the true, fun loving spirit in you. Not just wearing them, you can make jewellery with these small beads very easily and as per your choice. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can make jewellery with seed beads conveniently at home.

The very first thing that you have to arrange is a string that has a high tensile strength. You can use a thin wire or a strong thread. Next, you should have a bead mat with you. Bead mat is nothing but a mat of velvet or felt which would keep the frivolous beads in control, lest they wander here and there.

Having gathered the first two requisites, now you can begin with stringing the seed beads. However, before you do that, it is better to have a particular design in mind. You can string similar beads one after the other, but having a nice and easy design in mind would be more creative and, therefore, more fun. I would prefer to have the design in my mind put on paper that gives shape to the vague concept and also acts as a ready reference all throughout.

Now comes the time to get down to some real action. With the help of a needle, string the seed beads one after the other as per your design. First goes one of the screws, if you choose to put screws in your necklace to hold both ends together. All the action should take place on the bead mat.

Having done all the put the other part of the screw at the other end of the string. With the help of ex beading accessories like pliers and clasps, give a professional touch to your necklace and Wham! You have a beautiful necklace in your hand.