Let your Child Play With Faceted Beads

by : Paul Shane

Do you find a creative spark in your child, but do not know how to channelise it in the right direction? Well, you can start with jewellery making. Jewellery making can be the easiest yet most satisfying hobby. And you also get to wear your creation, which gives an exhilarating feeling that can not be expressed with words. For a start, you can allow your child to play with beads. How about something shiny and sparkling like faceted beads?

Faceted beads come in different sizes. You can choose the big sizes - ones that your child would be comfortable with. The younger the child the bigger should be the size of the beads; so that your child is in complete control of the beads. Faceted beads are best for children as the light reflecting surface of faceted beads make jewellery making fun and entertaining.

The surface of the beads is evenly cut into small flat surfaces. These surfaces are cut with high precision and they are made smooth. The plain surfaces reflect light and therefore make them appear shiny. They are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. You can choose to have a collection of different colours or you can make your child's jewellery more interesting. This is possible through different sizes of faceted beads or different other kinds of beads, like bugle beads and cube beads.

Helping your child make her beaded jewellery is profitable in many ways. You help the child develop a sense of self dependency. It boosts the confidence level in your child as it gives a great feeling to wear one's own creation. With the shiny effect of , your child would love to play with them and organise them into beautiful jewellery. And that would also develop her sense of organisation and synchronisation.