Monday Morning Mindfulness 08/23/2004

by : Sandra Schrift

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Are you possessed by your possessions? How many dresses, ties, homes, cars, jewelry, etc. are enough or too much? The ancient Latins called too many possessions “impedimenta" or what Julius Caesar, in crossing the Rubicon to take Rome, called “baggage." In kindergarten we were taught to eat our cookie, drink milk, take a nap in the afternoon, and flush. Just the simple needs in life; food, shelter and clothing. Saint Mark said, “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?"

The Coach thinks . . . the true riches of life are still the adventure of the book, a walk on the beach, growing a flower, visits with friends, swimming in the ocean. What are the riches of your soul?


For motivational speakers, nothing succeeds like failure says the Wall Street Journal. The new motivation-speaking shifts are:

How I learned from big mistakes My darkest hour Candor Rebounds Mea Culpa Rocky Balboa Yes, a speaker still needs to inspire audiences to success, but the message is more significant when it includes some defeat and how to pick up and move on.

The Coach asks . . . are you willing to divulge your defeats?


Executive Coach, Randy Noe, revealed that a recent poll conducted by Yahoo indicates that 47 percent of U.S. workers are currently looking for another job or plan to look within the next twelve months and are ready to jump ship at the next opportunity. (CBS Marketwatch July 6, 2004). Another study cites that “millions of workers are unhappy with their present employment. At least 30 percent (maybe more) have already “checked out." They show up for work each day but are thinking about where their next job will be. The electronic job board,, reports that 72 percent of survey respondents are unhappy with their present employment.

The Coach wonders. . . what does a balanced life of joyful work and leisure pursuits look like for you?


This is what would happen with a 0.1% margin of error:

The postal service would lose 17,660 pieces of mail every hour. Financial institutions would deduct $24.8 million from the wrong accounts every hour. Ten newborn babies would be dropped during delivery every day. More than 3,700 prescriptions would be filled incorrectly every day. Eighteen airplanes would crash every day. The Coach asks . . . where did this list come from?


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