Katherine Heigls Off Screen Fashion Secrets

by : Sarah Stephens

Every celebrity has a signature accessory style - be it demure, pink gemstones; bold, big designs; over the top with diamonds; or elegantly simple pearls. Here, Dasha Boutique jewelry designer Sarah Smith goes behind the scenes of Grey's Anatomy and reveals the distinct styles of Katherine Heigl. Read on to find out how you make the look work for you. She'll show you how you can copy Katherine's style - without breaking the bank.

Pure and Simple
Katherine knows she has one of Hollywood's best baby face-sexy combinations, so there is little need to distract or overwhelm her natural look. She sticks to gold, silver, black and white colors that will mirror her blond hair and dark eye makeup. Her earrings range from unique chandelier or cascade designs to single strand drops, and she is rarely seen with a necklace.

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Jewelry is the secret weapon of every female celebrity, whether she's strutting down the red carpet or stepping out to the corner store for another box of ginger tea. A sparkling pair of chandelier earrings, a bracelet dangling sentimental charms, or a striking gemstone pendant necklace all add a precisely personal touch to their outfits and over time, each individual celebrity's accessory style becomes part of her signature look. Unlike clothing, the most beautiful jewelry is timeless, so it can be worn again and again, with almost any outfit. However, just like clothing, jewelry colors and designs must be tailored to the individual wearer to complement her natural features best. So while you emulate Katherine's style, keep in mind that accessories are your opportunity to make your ensemble specifically yours and to develop your very own personal look.