Seed Beads - the Promise of Fun and Good Times

by : Paul Shane

Seed beads are so called because they are really tiny, sometimes as small as seeds. But despite their size, when lots of them are stringed together, they can make really admirable and exquisite pieces of jewellery that can make heads turn. Seed beads come in multiple colours and various sizes. And when different coloured seed beads are joined, they can have the effect of rainbow in your ears, on your neck and everywhere you wear them.

Seed beads come in sizes that can range anywhere in between 6's to 22's. Unlike glass beads, they can be of different finish, like matt or semi-lustrous. You can also find seed beads which have nice and smooth shine that reflect light and twinkle like stars. They are usually made in Czechoslovakia, Taiwan, China and Japan. Czechoslovakia is famous for its longest tradition for making of seed beads. Seed beads are prepared by cutting a hot tube of glass after the tube is made of right size.

There are lots you can do with . Apart from making nice jewellery and fine trinkets, you can sew them on your bag to give them a trendy look. Many love to weave them in socks - cute little seed beads make the socks look really pretty and chic. You can put them on tops and dresses. There are numerous ways you can use seed beads, and on a number of things to make them look cool and fashionable.

You can use with other kinds of beads or other materials like pearls, crystal, gems and stones to make admirable . Beads, in any form, look quite in tune with times and therefore give you an appearance of a fun-loving person who is versatile and open minded. Beads are unisex in nature, so men and women can wear them alike. They are your best bet for any occasion as they suit all kinds of situations and are quite hassle-free.