Buying Man Made Diamonds

by : Roberto Sedycias

Jewelries (joias) are an important addition to the attire and a wonderful complement to the over-all beauty of a person. They are not just mere objects worn to embellish the looks of a person; rather, they contribute substantially to the completeness of your personality. There is nothing like wearing ornaments to a special occasion and inviting eyeballs towards you. Indeed, it is the jewelries (joias) that set you apart from others when you are in midst of a looks-conscious people. Among all jewelries worn around world, diamond jewelries have always been the best and most attractive one.

In the last few years, consumers have shifted their choice from natural diamond jewelries to man-made diamond jewelries (joias). The diamond jewelries market is literally crammed with several companies who offer different designs of diamond jewelries. However, there are a few names the industry reckons with, such as ASHA, CARAT, Russian Brilliants and Diamond Nexus Labs. Every company has its own policies for returns, exchanges and guarantees which are different from others. Hence, it is only imperative that the buyers check out the product specifications, features, terms and conditions before buying them. There are certain aspects that you have to take into consideration before buying diamond jewelries (joias):


Different diamond jewelry companies have different policies with regard to returns of the purchased items (joias). Take a look at the following refund policies of some established companies:

Russian Brilliants - 7 days refund policy (minus shipping costs).

ASHA - 14 days from the day you receive your shipment.

CARAT - 30 days refund policy provided you notify them within 7 days of that you intend to return the shipment. Since this company is based in china, you will have to return your purchase to China.

Diamond Nexus Labs - It offers 30 days to inspect and enjoy your jewelry (joias). Moreover, this company, unlike CARAT and ASHA, allows returning your purchase even after using it.

Besides, both ASHA and CARAT will charge a 10% restocking fee. Incase you have bought the items from CARAT which is based in China, you have to deal with the customs. Further, any queries at your end can be answered only during Chinese business hours, i.e., when it is midnight in the USA. While Russian Brilliants (joias) are vague about their returns policies, Diamond Nexus Labs is the most liberal and has an extensive return policy with no hassles whatsoever.


This is very important point to take note of. You should know the exchange policies of different diamond manufactures before buying diamond jewelry (joias). This is because some companies have strict exchange policies and procedures; hence, exchanging their products can give you a nightmarish experience. Let us know a bit about the exchange procedures of some of the leading names:

ASHA - It does not provide phone customer service. So, any questions must be submitted via email. However, it allows 14 days to its customers to submit an exchange.

CARAT - It has a phone customer service department to answer your queries. As far as the exchange is concerned, you have only 7 days to think and decide if you want an exchange or not. On the top of it, it will deduct a 10% restocking fee incase you want an exchange to take place.

Russian Brilliants - It has a phone customer service department to take care of the after-sales queries of the customers and it also allows you an exchange within 7 days.

Diamond Nexus Labs - It is the most liberal of them all. No fuss about processing your exchange which is free of charge. No hassle or re-stocking fee. What is more is it allows you a 30-day period to think and decide if you want to exchange it or not.

Ring Resizing:

Resizing might occur because of the weight loss or gain or even due to an error in size selection. Each of the companies that manufactures synthetic diamond ring (joias) has different policy regarding resizing the ring. Russian Brilliants does it for a small fee whereas CARAT has no clear resizing policy. Diamond Nexus resize your ring within 30 days of the purchase and free of charge. ASHA recommends its customers to resize their ring (joias) by any local dealer and if this is not possible then it will do it for you; however, it will charge $35 to size white gold and $55 for platinum.

Lifetime Warranty:

Customer service policies by different companies vary from each other and so does the lifetime warranty. Russian Brilliants and CARAT offer a lifetime warranty on their lab-created diamond products (joias) against color changes. ASHA has repelled its lifetime warranty offer of late claiming that some customers were trying to return products even though the damage had taken place due to customers` or jewelers` negligence. Diamond Nexus guarantees a free replacement in the event of any fade, discolor, damage of Diamond Nexus Labs gemstone. Moreover, it also ensures a free replacement if the stone (joias) is ever lost from its setting.

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