Black Pearl Earring

by : charisestillson

If you're looking for a black pearl earring set, there are some great places to get them. Looking online for black pearls will reveal a lot of search results. How do you know where to get your pearls? You want fair pricing and you want decent quality. Learning a bit about pearls can help you make a good choice when looking at pearls and pricing. A bit of online shopping savvy is also important.

Are you buying your set of black pearls for yourself or for someone else? When you buy them for someone, you probably have a price in mind that you are willing to spend. When you buy something for yourself, you tend to have a specific style in mind and then worry about pricing later. Natural pearls are much more expensive than cultured pearls so when you begin looking at a black pearl earring, you will see that pricing can vary significantly.

Pearls are graded based on several factors including the diameter of the pearl, the type of pearl, the lustre and the texture. Pearls are also valued based on their shape. You'll find when you look at a pearl necklace that some pearls may look slightly different from one another. When a pearl necklace is graded it's based on the entire string or strings of pearls whereas with an earring, if it's a stud or single pearl earring it will be graded differently than if it were a pearl hoop.

How do you know if your pearls are real? There are faux pearl jewels that are simply painted plastic beads. Pearls are slightly heavier and can be a less then smooth if you rub them gently against your teeth. Pearls can last forever if they're properly cared for.

When choosing an online supplier for your earrings, look first at someone who carries something that you like. Beyond that, you will want to look at pricing. Once you've narrowed your search down, it's a good idea to look at the value added services they provide. Is there an appraisal included from a certified gemologist? Is there a money back guarantee? Are there accessories or a box or pouch for your jewelry included? All these factors can help you find the best value for your money and the best pearls you can get.

Pearls can be varying shades of many colors including white, silver, pink, lavender, blue, green, black pearls and other colors. Many people who love pearls own multiple kinds of them. There are freshwater and saltwater options and there are natural pearls as well as cultured pearls. Different oysters or mussels can produce different types of pearls and cultured pearls can be a bit of a science because there are some oysters and some processes that are more likely to put forth a specific type of pearl.

Whether you are buying pearls for yourself or as a gift for someone else, getting or giving a gorgeous set of earrings such as a black pearl earring can be a rewarding experience.