Tips for Buying Affordable Diamond Earrings

by : Dana H

When searching for affordable diamond earring it is easy to get distracted by scams and deals which look too good to be true. When searching for affordable diamond earrings it pays to do the research. The most important items to remember are the four C's: cut, color, clarity, and carat.

The first of the four C's is the cut of the diamonds in the affordable diamond earrings. Cut refers to two different categories, the first is the shape of the diamond and the second is the quality of which it was cut. Diamond cuts have their own special names for example a princess cut is a pyramid shape with a square bottom, and an emerald cut is a longer rectangle. The quality of the cut is how sharp the angle is and how much light the cut reflects making the diamond sparkle more. When buying affordable diamond earrings you can save money by buying lower quality cuts, because it is a feature that few nonprofessionals will notice. You can also try to by less common cuts because they are usually the most affordable diamond earrings. Princess cut diamonds are usually 30% more expensive than emerald cuts, making emerald diamond earring the more affordable diamond earrings.

The color is the natural tint of the diamonds. Diamonds occur naturally in nature and therefore do not always come clear. If you buy diamonds with a little bit of a yellow tint than it is much easier to find affordable diamond earrings. Conversely, diamonds full of natural color like pink and red are more expensive and should be avoided when trying to buy affordable diamond earrings.

Clarity is the number of inclusions or imperfections in your diamond earrings. Diamonds come from nature with small gas pockets these pockets reflect the light differently than the rest of the diamond. A perfectly clear diamond is very expensive so when looking to buy affordable diamond earrings a few marks inside are perfectly acceptable. Usually these marks are difficult even impossible to see by the naked eye, so they make a great way to get cheaper diamond earrings.

Carat is the size of a diamond. A carat is about 200 milligrams, and each carat is broken up into 100 "points". When buying diamonds from a reputable dealer make sure you know the difference between a carat and a point. If you see a deal that is .25 for less than $100 than it is most likely .25 points or not real diamonds. A reputable retailer will be honest with you about the size and will always write ct (the symbol for carat) or ctw/tcw (the symbols for total carat weight). When buying diamond earrings, look for the total carat weight symbol because earrings come in pairs and should have two equal size diamonds.

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