Gold Jewelry as a Fashion Accessory

by : Tima.ashar

A real woman always wears some gold on her. Is it really a stupid fancy that men, and especially women, have on gold?

Gold and diamonds have always captured the fancy of man. Remember the Gold Rush? The metal has been known since ancient times and was the standard of money until recently. No jewelry is perhaps complete without some gold in it. Its yellow, mellow material is not actually that attention grabbing. Nor is it the most precious. Still, it is the king of metals.

Why is gold jewelry always so much in demand and always so alluring? The actual metal in its purity is never used as it is too soft and wears down easily. Some mixture of copper and other metals is used to blend with gold to be made into wearable items.

Heavy use of gold is common in some Asian countries where it is the staple of all jewelry. Gold plating of other metals is also a common practice, though the shine is lost quickly and needs to be recoated.

Diamonds, platinum, and other precious stones can be easily combined with gold to design exquisite jewelry items - rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headgear, neck chains, accessories, studs, and other wearable items.

Every fashion conscious woman knows the importance of wearing the right jewelry to match the dress. It need not be fanciful, or exuberant. Just a thin necklace, a small ear stud, or a ring does the trick.

Designer jewelry customized to your occasion can bring you the added qualities of combining gold into your jewelry.

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