Want to Work for Homeland Security? Get a Law Enforcement Degree

by : Bailey Smith

The Department of Homeland Security is always hiring qualified people who hold a law enforcement degree to help protect the US from attacks. A Law Enforcement degree or a Criminal Justice degree is usually required to work even in a support capacity in the Department of Homeland Security. A Law Enforcement degree will qualify you to become a police officer, security officer, corrections officer or a probation officer. A Law Enforcement Degree combined with other specialized training can also make you qualified to work in more advanced area of Homeland Security or counter terrorism like computer forensics and other technical areas of specialization. Getting a Law Enforcement degree is a very good idea if you want to work in any field related to Security, Law Enforcement, Corrections, or Criminal Justice because even though people who don't have a Law Enforcement degree can work in many support roles in the Law Enforcement field if you want to have a lifelong Law Enforcement career you will need at least a Law Enforcement degree and probably more specialized education and training if you want to have a long and successful career in Law Enforcement. Homeland Security agents and other Law Enforcement personnel are usually allowed to work at an entry level security job as long as they are actively pursuing a Law Enforcement degree so even if you don't have a Law Enforcement degree yet you can usually still work for the Department of Homeland Security while you earn a Law Enforcement Degree.

A Law Enforcement degree can also be the basis for more advanced study of criminals and Criminal Justice. If you want to be a criminal psychologist or a forensic tech or a medical examiner you can use a Law Enforcement degree to learn the basics of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice and then learn more about your chosen area of study later on. A Law Enforcement degree is a practical degree to have because if you have a Law Enforcement degree you will almost always be able to find a job of some kind, especially in security or as a police officer. You can even study for a Law Enforcement degree online so that you don't have to try and arrange for time off from your current job to attend class. You can attend classes online at night and on weekends. Working online for a Law Enforcement degree you can work at your own pace and take as many or as few classes at a time as you feel comfortable with. If you are the type of student that works well independently and works at a fast pace you can finish a Law Enforcement degree fairly quickly. On the other hand if you need a lot of one on one attention and you work more slowly than some other people do you can get take the time that you need and get that one on one attention you need online more easily than you can in a traditional classroom setting.