Cost-effective Online Product Promotion

by : Elodie

Within the context of an Internet revolution, online promoting is probably the most powerful tool available to you. Any successful book must make use of online media to boost sales. If you are a writer or any other creative, you might want to personally take control of your publicity or kiss some great potential revenue goodbye.

David Louis Edelman, the author of 'Infoquake (The Jump 225 Trilogy)', is one of many innovative authors who has taken on the task of personal book promotion. He has effectively used the internet as a marketing tool, costing him only time and effort.

Here are a few quick tips that Edelman offers on how to promote the sales of your title using the internet:
Ã?â‚??Start a blog well before the release of your book and begin consciously trying to write about topics that will hopefully garner you an audience.
Ã?â‚??Make an active effort to hunt down any interview opportunity. Approach websites like Barnes & Noble Explorations, John Scalzi's By the Way blog, and
Ã?â‚??Make use of your current social media sites i.e. MySpace and Facebook, and seek friends with interests in the genre of your book.

If taking on the pressure of marketing your book personally, is something you could do without, it may be a good idea for you to make use of an online service. International promotional companies offer various marketing packages. You could pay anywhere between $10 for a mention on a website for one week, to several thousand dollars for a larger scale online promotional package.

The only downside, apart from forking out hefty bundles of cash, is that these promotional packages don't let you see exactly how your product is doing. One company, RankTracer, allows you to see how your product is faring while simultaneously promoting and marketing it online - giving you the best of both worlds!

Companies like RankTracer, will do some online promotion and track your book at the same time - giving you on-the-hour sales rank information, graphs, reports and actual sales estimates. A mere $2 per month is all that is required to harness this powerful channel for online marketing and this frees you up to do other aspects of your promoting, like indulge in your favorite social media website, which is after all, a lot more fun.