Online MBA Course - Am I Too Early for It?

by : J.J. Yong

It is quite a subjective question whether if it is too early to further your tertiary education in business administration. Nowadays, people are quite receptive to e-learning especially online MBA course because all of these programs have Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation which provide time-flexibility and convenience for busy full-time working adults.

The main concern is that you have lack of related working experiences, or unsatisfactory bachelor's GPA, or you do not have a business bachelor's degree qualification; it might spoil your plan to further your tertiary studies in business area.

For those undergraduates (regardless business or non-business graduates) who have this related problem mentioned earlier, they can opt for an online MBA foundation course that can prepare for entrance into the rigorous business administration postgraduate program. You must aware of the course package that offered by respective business schools. You are require to have top score (the score differs in various business schools) in order to pass this prerequisite test. It is essential for the enrollment of your desirable postgraduate business course.

In Robinson College of Business, non-business undergraduate applicants are able to fulfill the foundation requirements through a guided self-study e-learning course on a pass or fail basis. It has to be done before the start of their first semester enrollment since these foundation courses are the prerequisites for these business postgraduate courses.

On the other hand, Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) are compulsory for most of business postgraduate course admission. If you have not taken these examinations, it is possible that you can apply to the MBA program in advance. The admission center will begin processing your application while waiting for your current GMAT score. Once you have obtain satisfactory GMAT score, you application will be re-processed before you admit to the business course program.