Your Future Profit is in the Stars

by : Stephen Bucaro

You don't believe in astrology but you check your horoscope in the newspaper just for fun. Me too. But millions of people do believe in astrology and are willing to pay to know the future. This creates an opportunity for you to profit from an astrology web site.

Because the earth and other planets orbit around the Sun in the same plane, the planets appear to move through a belt in the sky called the 'zodiac'. The zodiac is divided into twelve parts called 'houses'.

Astrologers believe that the angles the planets make to each other and to the Sun and Moon affect our lives. Each house influences specific areas of our lives, such as health, money, career, and relationships.

The part of the zodiac that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of a person's birth is that persons sign. My sign is Virgo. Virgos are hard working and dedicated to duty. They are also self-centered, critical, and lacking sympathy and empathy. Anyone who knows me would probably say that description fits me pretty well.

Each planet controls a particular aspect of our life. For example, Mars has an aggressive influence. If Mars were to move into Virgo, my horoscope would predict that business endeavors would be likely to succeed for me, but nervous irritability would manifest itself.

Here is how to develop your astrology web site.

  1. Use impressive graphics to display the signs of the zodiac. Give the site an air of class and mystery.

  2. Astrologers use special symbols to write a map of a person's individual possibilities or difficulties in life. Provide some impressive scientific looking charts.

  3. Provide a free daily horoscope for each sign. Word each horoscope to tempt the visitor to register to receive more detail.

'A great opportunity will make itself available to you, but a person presenting that opportunity may not be entirely truthful with you. Please login for complete details.'

4. Provide several levels of access. To login requires a small membership fee. For a higher fee, provide access to a comprehensive analysis. For an even higher fee, provide personal consultation by email. For an even higher fee, provide telephone consultation.

Important Points

  1. Before you get started on your astrology web site, train yourself. Read a few good books on astrology. Visit some astrology web sites.

  2. On the front page of your Web site place a link to a disclaimer that includes: 'Any predictions of future events are NOT guaranteed, they are meant only as possibilities.'

  3. A person seeking guidance from astrology is actually looking for consolation and reassurance in their life. Regardless of what your astrological charts predict for the individual, communicate it in a reassuring and encouraging way.

If you are creative, can write, and like people, than you can provide valuable astrological guidance to people who are willing to pay to know the future. My horoscope for you is this - your future profit is in the stars.


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