High School Online

by : David Madison

Online Learning has long been the domain of adult learners and college students. However, as the technology surrounding elearning grows, and more people have access to the online environment, more and more high school students are opting to complete their education online.

There are many different reasons for working through high school online. Some of the most common situations surrounding high school online include:

Ã?â‚??Accessibility: whether it's because of a physical disability or just simple location, sometimes it's not easy for a student to get to and around school. If accessibility is a concern, online learning makes things easy. There are no buildings to get into or around, no classrooms to navigate, and little travel time required to get to the living room and sit in front of the computer.
Ã?â‚??Learning Disabilities: a learning disability can make the high school experience difficult for students. Perhaps your child needs extra attention that's unavailable at the local school, or he or she needs extra time that doesn't come easily in a traditional school day. Regardless of your child's needs, studying online is a more personalized and adjustable experience. Your child isn't expected to fit in with a class of 30 other kids with different skill and knowledge levels, and you can cater the program to individual needs.
Ã?â‚??Scheduling: it's a reality that many high school students work. That job might be something as simple as a part time job at the local convenience store, or it might be the beginnings of a career (think child actors or musicians). If a student has to reserve time for work, it can be difficult to adhere to the traditional school day schedule. Online learning allows students to pick the hours that are most convenient for them, so they can work all the other elements of their daily lives into their education.
Ã?â‚??Socialization: the teenage years are some of the hardest that any person can live through. Moreover, in high school, it's really easy to feel like you don't fit in. Sometimes the situation is so serious it affects the student's ability to learn. In an online environment, students interact with each other but the interaction is more removed so there aren't the social pressures of appearance or style. A normally shy or reserved student may feel liberated in the online environment, making the high school experience easier and more useful.
Ã?â‚??Personal Choice: some students just don't work well in the traditional school setting. They may get bored with the pace, or be looking for a more individualized approach. Online learning will allow students to cater their learning to any needs they may have that aren't met by traditional schooling methods.

With all the new advances in online learning, high school online programs are becoming more easily available. If you or your child isn't satisfied by the traditional high school experience, give online learning a try!