Netpreneurs: Please! Think Like A Business Person!

by : Chuck Huckaby

There's a plague in the land. Would be Netpreneurs and home business millionaire wannabes are going around saying 'I've been ripped off by _____________!'

Just fill in the name of the person or program.

If you're promoting ANYTHING online, sooner or later YOUR name is going to be there.

Because you ripped them off?

Hopefully not.

But because 99% of would be home business success stories don't think like business people.

The internet is today what mail order was for years.

People bought a book about 'The Lazy Man's Way' to riches, popped 500 fliers in the mail to who knows who and expected to become rich.

Usually they lost their money, called mailorder a 'rip off' and went back to whittling on the front porch.

But all the while people who treated mail order like a business learned how to make money. Some people always told the truth about mail order (see ) but you couldn't always hear them for the hype.

It's the same way on the Internet today, network marketers, affiliate marketers, and home business netpreneurs in general are on the net trying to make their million.

They're buying into the courses that promise them $10,000 per month lickety split with 'no effort'.

Then when they've paid $9.95 for one month's membership and invested no effort, they wonder why they didn't make any money?


Knowing human nature, I'm sure there were people who went west during the California Gold Rush of the 1800's and got upset because they found out they had to actually DIG or get wet panning for gold.

This sickness called Deadly Netpreneurial Naivete isn't automatically fatal though.

It can be cured when people learn to THINK LIKE BUSINESS PEOPLE.

People with Deadly Netpreneurial Naivete though are the equivalent of folks who hang out on busy street corners with signs that say 'Will Work For Food'. You know most really don't want to work. They're just counting on handouts from suburbanites who have no work to offer but feel guilty about being over their heads in debt.

Folks with Deadly Entrpreneurial Naivete have signs around their necks that read 'Will Surf The Net For Food' and they hope their computers will attract the rich and the guilty who'll throw them money.

Remember though, there IS a cure.

The cure is to learn to think like a business person.

I suppose you could be lecturer for eternity about HOW to do that, but it may be best to show you a business person who is revealing their thought patterns.

For that reason, please accept a complimentary copy of J.F. Straw's '17 Real Businesses You Can Start on a Shoestring And Get Other People To Do Most Of The Work!'

It's not the standard garbage about starting a home business...

You know the type... 'First decide you want to be in business for yourself'...

Then by the end it's told you you can walk dogs, paint curb signs, and wash windows or clean houses for a living.

Those may be ok, but after the 10,000th time you've heard it you need shock therapy for your numbed entrepreneurial brain.

Jim's 17 business ideas are business thinking on steriods for folks with Deadly Entrepreneurial Naivete.

You may not choose to pursue any of these businesses, BUT you will have learned to think outside the box.

And that's what we all need more of...

We don't want to be people with signs around our necks that say 'Will Surf The Internet For Food' hoping for a handout.

We want to be people who WORK and CREATE VALUE.

Jim's ideas are a good place to start.

They're free.

Download this 57 page report at...

If you have a website, you are free to download this adobe acrobat file and upload to your server and give it away as a premium for your customers. I have the rights to do that WITH THIS REPORT ONLY! Hopefully you'll love the report and will see the value it will have for your readers.

The more customers you educate about thinking longterm, the more money YOU'LL make.

Or just point them to so they can have this report.

Happy marketing!