Lakeway Texas Real Estate: the Hills of Lakeway Community

by : Joe Cline

In the olden days, gates kept people away either from an individual or sole family. They were signs of prestige, affluence and privacy. No one dared pass the gates without permission from the owner and a justifiable reason for entering. Today, that belief is not true; today gates are used to keep communities together, to bring in residents and offer them a safe secure place to live. Take, for example, the Hills of Lakeway, a small, gated community in the Texas Hills Country that provides its residents with a beautiful and incredibly welcoming place to call home.


The history of the Hills of Lakeway is not as lengthy as some other areas' pasts may be, but that is not because it is a place of little interest. It is simply because it is a place of modernity - one that has not yet had to withstand the tests of time. It is a community that sprung up as a result of growth in Austin and its surrounding areas. As more people came to the area, more homes were needed; developers knew that these individuals would want a place they could call home that was equally safe and inviting. The Hills of Lakeway are exactly that.


If you want to know how the economy is at the Hills, look to the economy of Austin, and then breathe a sigh of relief. Austin is one of the cities defying the odds. Although in a country struggling to get through a difficult recession, it is booming. The science and technology industries continue to growing, attracting new interest and funding regularly. The University of Texas provides a great place for academics, and many major corporations are making Austin their home. The city shows no sign of decline, giving assurance and future to the residents of it and its surrounding areas.

Real Estate

The homes at the Hills of Lakeway are beautifully designed and built structures. They combine security with luxury, making the area perfect for any family trying to find a comfortable place to live. The houses are priced appropriately for their quality and location. And anyone who has purchased one knows that the community and living experience you get within the Hills' gates is one that no number can match - any price is a deal at the Hills of Lakeway.


For the athletic residents, the Hills of Lakeway offers numerous opportunities to be and remain active. Golf courses call to the links lovers, tennis courts to the tennis players and fitness and swimming amenities to everyone in between. Shopping and fine dining appeal to all residents, and picturesque views cap the wonder of this community.

The gates at the Hills of Lakeway are not there to warn newcomers away but to envelop them in a neighborhood that is more than a row of homes; it is a community. If you're looking for that kind of home, the Hills of Lakeway may be exactly what you were looking for.