How to Sell a House Fast

by : Thomas Pretty

How to Sell a House Fast

While the media is reporting a downturn in sales on the UK property market, some sellers may be worried that their home will sit on the market for months without a sniff of interest. However, there are certain ways to make your property standout against the rest, helping you buck the trend of apparent downturn in sales countrywide.

How to Sell a House Fast


1) Get The Price Right
Of obvious importance is the price, while you do not want to lose money, it is essential to find a price that is competitive.

2) Find The Right Agent
First of all you have to make it appealing to the agents so they bring their clients and secondly you need to make it attractive to buyers. 

3) Make Your House Desirable
Making sure that every person that enters your home sees a property that is desirable is the ultimate objective. Part of this is to create a property with curb appeal. As the exterior is the image that will create a perspective buyer's first impressions, it is of fundamental importance. You must catch their eye as soon as they glimpse the property, making sure the gardens are well tended and any exterior work is complete will help in this goal. Understandably, if a buyer is put off as soon as they see the property, you will be fighting an uphill struggle from there on in once they enter your property.

3) Stage Your House
Most property sales experts recognise the importance of staging. This does not mean completely revamping your property so it resembles a show home but introducing small touches that make a home look more attractive. These do not even have to be expensive, tips such as adding hand towels that compliment the decor and putting a bowl of coffee beans for a pleasant aroma can help. While the trend in recent years has been to paint the whole house white as it is neutral is rapidly being forgotten by property sales professionals. Rather than go neutral you want to create a lived in look that is not overpowering, by painting the entire house white you are only giving the buyers an additional job of repainting every room. 

4) Clean Your House
Even if you are not the cleanest of people, if you want your property to fly off the market it is essential to make sure that it is not only clean, but gleaming.

  • Cleaning it thoroughly. Do those little jobs that you have been putting off for years and making sure that it is presentable to any prospective buyers. 
  • Windows need to be clean enough that they seem not to be there while surfaces and fixtures should not have the faintest traces of dust. While it is difficult to keep a house in this state, especially if it is a family home, it will help your property to sell quickly.
  • In addition, it is important to get as much natural light into the home as possible, take back those curtains and trim any bushes obstructing the light; light and airy interiors are some of the most powerful lures for buyers. 

The importance of making sure your property is one hundred percent ready to enter the market is vital. Sales experts realise the importance of a property that has just entered the market, this is when interest in the property will be greatest and hence making sure it is at its best during this period is essential.

By following this advice you give your property the best chances of selling quickly. In these turbulent times you want to present your home in the best possible light, enticing both agents and buyers. Hopefully by showing prospective buyers a home that they can imagine themselves living in, you will be more successful in securing that allusive deal.