Need of Perfect Planning for Home Construction

by : Omar Mahmood

Home is a place where our heart resides. Men after entering into job, his first wish remains of building a house for him. That house in which he can spends his entire life with his family. Place where he can give protection to his family. After long day shift home is the place where he can get comfort and relaxation. For that home planning is must. Proper home planning is essential to get perfect happiness. Before making home it is important to analysis the need or type of home is needed. Otherwise later making home without any plan can add to many disadvantage. For planning a house for oneself one requires:

General House Plans Selection Tips

First, specify that whether one needs for single family homes or garage plans, duplex or needed one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, etc. Or how many bathrooms are required. The maximum and minimum width and depth is another criterion. Then it is important to check on what size of home will fit to allotted land.

Budgeting for House

Budget is another very important factor. Budget determines the size of the house to be built. In most areas, there is a cost per square foot to build, which can be used as a guideline. It is a good idea to check with a few home builders or contractors about the fees. But it is better to build by own, which will save money. Always determine the cost of the house to build. Then accordingly start home construction work.

Choosing the Right Foundation

Foundation type is another thing to consider. A basement adds a lot of extra space in home. Basement is a good idea if it is opted in the area where to live in. Some house plans have basements predawn; others can have them drawn as an option. For that, slab foundation, crawlspace foundation or build the house on pilings (beach & vacation house plans). Slab foundation and crawlspace foundation are the 2 most popular types of foundations used. Slab foundation is a poured concrete slab or monolithic slabs. A crawlspace foundation is when the house is built up off of the ground usually with concrete blocks. Homes that are built oceanfront or near water where flooding, hurricanes, storms may be an issue are done on pilings.

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