Traverse Citys Best Title Company

by : Craig Gibson

The best title company is usually not the largest.? It is the one that gives the best service and has the most diligent employees.? In Traverse City Michigan there are a multitude of choices.? Because I was a Real Estate Broker for 30 years, a builder for 10 years and a Mortgage Broker for the last five years, I have a lot of experience dealing with title companies.?

During the boom years in the Real Estate Business many title companies began doing business in the Traverse City area.? Now that the Real Estate Business has deflated considerably, only the strong and the title companies giving the best service are surviv ing.

Now days, title companies have to be well versed in foreclosures and 'short sales.'? These new skills are time consuming and usually require a great deal of patience and negotiating.? Unfortunately a large part of the Real Estate deals being done, fall into this category.

Another very important ingredient is to receive a title commitment quickly when ordered.? Some title companies have applications and order forms on line on their web sites.? I only know one title company that can deliver a commitment in less than 24 hours and do it consistently.? I also only know of one title company that can consistently assist in some of these very challenging sales.?Try Cornerstone Title Company in Traverse City and you will be very pleased.

As far as I am concerned there is only one intelligent choice for a title company.? To learn more about this very capable company visit the following website.??