Overseas Property Investment

by : Mr. Anant

At Key Universal, we conduct a painstaking examination of each development we offer, from the financial status of the backer to the reputation of the builders, whether it's a UK or overseas property investment.
Our thoroughness has earned us a well-deserved reputation as a hands-on overseas property investment company; a reputation that we are justifiably proud of and will always seek to maintain. This reputation has also stood us in good stead when it comes to achieving 'buying power' and gives us the ability to negotiate very favourable terms on behalf of our clients.
Although we are based in the UK and deal with many developments in this country, we are also an overseas property investment company, specialising in international property investment.
Our team of professionals is constantly reviewing any regions that might be prime locations for overseas property investment, thoroughly checking the demographic, economics and local property markets of each country we consider to have potential.
International property investment can take many forms, from prime-located plots of land to stunning off-plan apartments; we have also added a Major Acquisitions section to our website, which gives details of overseas property investment developments that are certain to pull premium revenue.
We also offer opportunities for investors who wish to achieve the developer's profit by investing in developments at ground-level stages. Using this program, we can ensure that land titles and properties can remain in the individual names of a group of investors who buy exclusive land and achieve planning application.
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