Delhi Properties - Always a Worthwhile Investment

by : George Gonigal

Delhi has clearly emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in India. The physical infrastructure in Delhi is counted among the best in the country and the state government is proactive in bringing contribution of private sectors to give a real realty boost in the state.

The recent sealing drive of illegal commercial properties for instance had no effect on the Delhi properties market as such. However, as traders panicked for alternate options, it did create a significant increase in property prices of commercial properties in the malls and other legally acclaimed retail outlets. Delhi's Khan Market also has been in the news recently for being the costliest retail locale in the world.

Residential properties in Delhi has been known to have made the most astronomical transactions where properties sell for millions. This trend though most common in the posh localities of South Delhi is now moving towards earlier less significant places like Dwarka. The rental values of the residential properties in Delhi like the apartments and independent houses are quite high. This started motivating the new generation to buy flats in Delhi as the rental value is more or less equivalent to the rent they are paying. The corporate leasing and diplomats in the city can be blamed in a way responsible for the trend of high rental values, as they opt for the high-end properties.

Commercial properties like the office spaces in particular are in much demand as every other company want to have their offices in the city, as Delhi has better edge over many other metros in infrastructure, availability of professional work force and connectivity. This can be cited as one of the main reasons why are concentrating more on developing commercial buildings then residential complexes.