Upstairs and Downstairs: The Feng Shui of Stairs and Stairwells

by : Kerry A. Francis

When it comes to Feng Shui it can be said that the front door can be the "mouth " of your home , business or abode that allows for the nourishing vital qi energy to enter your home and keep your household or vacation abode moving smoothly. Once inside your home or cabin however where and how does this vital energy flow and dissipate? Qi energy itself can take the stairs and stairways either up or down, traveling for one floor to another. What results can be good or not so beneficial to you and your home life. Qi can spread in a positive glow or it can dissipate or even diffuse away. To enhance the positive spread of qi, in a most smooth and easy movement and fashion ensure that your stairs curve gently upwards. It's as if your stairways are gateways to heaven.

If possible when your home is being built or either renovated or upgraded it can be said that the ideal place and placement for a staircase is at the side of the house, towards the back of the building. It is undesirable to have a landing or a change in direction of the stairway halfway up. Although some noveau-riche finds it "fashionable" to have your staircase directly opposite your front door - this is to be avoided at all costs because such a placement can bring bad luck to the household and householders. Qi and money can run right out, uninterrupted out of that front door. It's as if money and good luck are being flushed right down the drain into the river or lake. Why let the good forces of life rush away from away and elude you in your lifetime?

To help maintain and preserve qi from rushing away and down your stairs and staircases and out of your front door several practices can be employed and used. First drapes or curtains can be placed or hung at the bottom of the stairs. Alternately a mirror placed strategically on the landing can be used to reflect and draw the qi up into the house or chalet. As well wind chimes or a crystal between the last stair and the entranceway to the house may well help moderate the qi flow.

Help keep the qi vital energy itself on in the upstairs areas. Ensure that your stairs are well-lit and wide. You can place potted plants under the stairs to help the qi rise. Do not use plastic or dried plants. Even though they may appear cosmetically intact and may improve the aesthetics they will be of little, if any benefit. Indeed they may serve as a deterrent to t qi entry, qi flow or retention itself. Some may think, during their home planning and renovation that stairs with open slats provide a visual enhancement or at least will be a different style than friends, relatives or neighbors homes. That may be so. However the advantage in terms of Feng Shui choices and strategic planning is that solid stairs retain the qi energy. It is not as if the qi can escape between the slats or through the treads of the stairs. If you have the situation of inheriting open threads- do not despair. Place a mirror face-up under the stairs. This will serve best to radiate and help send the qi back upwards. In the case of a spiral staircase, try hanging wind chimes halfway to slow down the spread and dissipation of the qi.

It's all about storing and retaining the vital qi in an area of your home ,cottage or holiday vacation chalet.