Costa Rica Real Estate

by : Adam Morien

Interested in securing a retirement property or investment amid the Costa Rica real estate boom? It can be a wild hunt for just the right place! For starters, you may want to check out the "Baby Boomers in Costa Rica" blog for some sound advice on scouting for properties and determining whether you truly want to spend your golden years in Latin America. The "Buy Safe Costa Rica" blog is another unbiased account of safe sellers, areas and opportunities. Your best bet is to treat yourself to a nice Costa Rica vacation, take one of the local bed and breakfasts up on their "stay free and check out the properties" offer and talk to the locals.

One factor to consider when looking at Costa Rica real estate is that, in addition to having stellar pre-development prices, Costa Rica real estate also has extremely low property tax rates (roughly 1/25th of the United States market!) The higher property taxes are around San Jose and the coastal areas. For instance, a coastal home valued at $350,000 will have annual tax rates around $300, whereas mountain areas are taxed closer to $150. (Although, you're probably thinking, "Either way, Costa Rica real estate is a steal!" This is true, which is why Costa Rica real estate has been one of the real estate world's best kept secrets. Surprisingly, utility costs such as electricity, water, phone and cable are lower than the United States, due to the favorable year-round climate, which reduces the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling. The average three bedroom home with all the amenities costs roughly $50 - $80 per month, with an extra $20 to cover water and sewage. Cell phone reception is generally pretty good throughout most of the country, with plans as low as $10/month and DirectTV is available for comparable rates.? Purchasing a car and gasoline in Costa Rica costs roughly 20% more, but maintenance is half the cost of US garages. Most residents rely on the inexpensive bus system and taxis, though. Domestically produced food like chicken, fish, pork, rice, beans, fruits and vegetables are very inexpensive (with cafe meals running around $3 and gourmet dining for under $20), but food imported from America costs much more. If you're feeling homesick, don't fret: there are plenty of American fast food chains around the urban epicenters!

If you're still feeling sort of lost or skeptical about purchasing Costa Rica real estate, you may want to check out one of the following well-known developments.

La Joya de Esperanza offers luxury villa style Costa Rica real estate located in the Nosara beach community along the Pacific coastal region, and conveniently located just ten minutes from the Nosara Regional airport. Nosara has one of the oldest expat communities in Costa Rica because many a tourist passed through and overwhelmingly felt they wanted to spend the rest of their lives there. The surf is great, the restaurants are ranked well and the 3,000 acres along the Nicoya Peninsula protects regional wildlife, offering a plethora of eco-adventures right at your doorstep. Spa lovers will appreciate the multi-million-dollar Nosara Yoga Institute and Omega Institute, which offer yoga, meditation, spiritual healing, physiotherapy, holistic wellness and massage. In this master-planned, gated community, you will have your own tropical park and nature trails, your choice of a 2 - 4 bedroom villa with sunrise, nature or coastal views and Hacienda-style housing, with each unit featuring its own private pool and patio. For more information, check out and talk to your trusted Costa Rica real estate agents.

Elsewhere, in San Ramon, Costa Rica real estate... you'll be enticed by natural springs, Central Valley mountain ranges, untouched green pastures, ocean views and idyllic weather. Pacific Hills at Magallanes is a 20-acre development that offers the feeling of being "away from it all," even though it is only five minutes from town, a half hour from the ocean and 45 minutes from the airport. Right now you can get in early and work with developers to choose the house of your dreams and choose one of 18 half acre to 1.25 acre lots. Your neighbors will likely be empty nesters, retirees and business professional expatriats, the developers say. Prices start at $45,000 per lot, which is considerably cheaper than nearby towns like Atenas, Palmares or Grecia. For more information, check out