Real Estate Advice and Brokerage In Thailand

by : Gregory Smyth

These specialists offer all kinds of services, so you can buy property through them, get impartial professional real estate advice and access the expertise of best Thai lawyers whom will advice on which way to buy either leasehold or freehold. These specialists also prepare all Thai documentation with English translations through to establishing a Thai company, tax issues, due diligence checking land titles through to title hand over and final payment.

You may also aspire to attain a Thai Visa, a work permit, and facilitate accounting, or other business services such as business licenses for restaurant, alcohol etc. The services of these specialists are highly competitively priced and provided in an effective and timely manner and can be ordered through their web site and paid for by credit card or by cheque or cash at their office.

Real estate in Thailand is cushioned by a professional network of agents, although you will find a limited number of the sophisticated developers that typify the property market in Phuket or Samui. They are quite interested in targeting foreigners and are experienced with both condo and house sales, offering Thailand property that ranges from single 45m2 studio condos in renowned 'farang friendly' buildings for under a million baht to superb value-for-money mansions on a rai or more for 10 million.

If you are looking for brokerage in Thailand, you must investigate enough before settling on a broker. Having good work ethics within the real estate broker group will ultimately be an advantage. All brokers in Bangkok handle the whole of Bangkok, not a particular area, so these brokers are all treading on each other's feet. However, with such a vast area to cover, there are undoubtedly, thousands of properties for sale or rent. The brokers here have co-brokered successfully with a small number of their competing estate agents, so they can confidently ask for their help if they do not have the particular property that their customer is looking for.

Buying a property in Thailand is, unlike most other things, very easy. The actual transfer of title deed consumes just a few hours. The title deed itself will reveal if there is any mortgage or other loan on the property, as details of these must be written into the deed. Hence, it is not tedious to check the owner's right to sell. Most people do not even access the services of a solicitor, even though it does not cost much in Thailand, and so you might as well so that your mind will not disturb you. In fact, you could visit a condo that you like on Monday morning, and own it once the business is completed, the same day. So, Thailand could be an ideal choice if you are looking to own real estate property in Asia.