Sofia Apartments - How to Manage Changing Tastes

by : John Adam

Changing global and national consumer trends have significantly impacted demand for Sofia apartments over the last few years. As Sofia is rapidly turning into a busy commercial, business, and tourist centre, new standards emerge, partly influenced by European tendencies, but mostly by the lifestyle of modern people.

Successful professionals and young working families account for most of today's residential property buyers in Sofia. These people have a particularly hectic daily schedule - they are typically employed at large national or multinational companies, start the day early in the morning and have numerous tasks and appointments to take care of. However, their evenings can very seldom de described as boring time spend in front of the TV set. They have many hobbies, enjoy sports and shopping. They also have very high demands in terms of their living environment - high quality is essential, and so are peace and comfort.

When considering the lifestyle of these modern property seekers, it can easily be seen why closed-type residential complexes are now enjoying widespread popularity in the capital city. The real estate investment company Karrat Group Ltd. Is currently developing what many real estate analysts consider to be Sofia's most ambitious residential complex. It is called City of Fountains and aims to provide something markedly different from all that has been done in Sofia's real estate sector before.

The complex is located in the rapidly developing Mladost 4 Residential Area, just 350 meters away from Business Park Sofia, South-East Europe's biggest office and business complex which many multinationals have chosen to be the location of their regional headquarters. It has very convenient transport connections to the city centre, the airport, and to the Vitosha Mountain, which is a favourite recreation destination for the city's residents and visitors.

The project will have excellent landscape, exterior, and interior design to ensure the highest possible quality and comfort for people. One of its biggest benefits is the wide range of amenities that the complex will be able to offer. These have been particularly designed to meet the lifestyle demands of today's typical property buyers, and include a large fitness and spa complex, a swimming pool (open in summer and closed in winter), a multi-purpose playground, and on-site kindergarten, six different restaurants and cafes, an apart-hotel, a supermarket, a boutique shopping centre, and others.

While Sofia apartments demands change, it is a comfort to know that there are actually projects like City of Fountains that take these changes into account and offer the city's residents something uniquely tailored to their specific needs.