Check Out the San Diego Condos for Sale

by : Phoenix Delray

There are so many San Diego condos for sale all the time in different areas of downtown, but these properties are snatched up faster than in any other city in the country. Properties like the ones available in San Diego are so unique and beautiful.

This city is built upon history, culture, art, scenery and an amazing climate. There are many different areas in which to purchase one of the many San Diego condos for sale, but there are a few that are special and unlike anywhere else you have ever been.

Bankers Hill is one of the most historical and popular places for people to purchase property. This area houses many San Diego condos for sale and all of them are different and have a lot of history behind them. This is not an area where you will find modern looking homes or condos or typical Southern California properties.

Bankers Hill is located on the north end of the city and it borders Balboa Park, one of most historical landmarks in all of San Diego. Bankers Hill was San Diegos answer to Nob Hill in San Francisco in the 1900a and is its original prestigious address. This neighborhood is called home by many of the people who work in the financial and medical fields that are located in the areas nearby. All of the streets and avenues in this neighborhood are lined with towering palm trees which work to create a sense of openness.

Another very popular neighborhood to look into the San Diego condos for sale is an area known as the Gaslamp Quarter. This historic neighborhood has become one of the most prominent and popular areas in San Diego and it features a very charming blend of old and new buildings. The bulk of the Gaslamp Quarters history was created in the 1880s when gamblers such as Wyatt Earp and Ida Bailey founded numerous gambling halls, saloons and brothels.

This very unique architecture still stands today as a testament to its thirty year hey day from 1880 to 1910. The Gaslamp neighborhood stretches for over 16 blocks and is home to over one hundred retail shops, art galleries, movie theaters, live concert venues and of course, residential San Diego condos for sale. This district hosts over a dozen annual events that have originated from a cultural holiday. The Gaslamp Quarter is a wonderful place to live and it truly offers and attraction for every type of person.