Shopping for Real Estate in Mississippi

by : Art Gib

If you are looking for affordable housing, Mississippi has the lowest median home price in the nation. Compared to the national average of about $200,000, the median prices for homes in Mississippi is right around $135,000. In addition to getting a good deal on your house, Mississippi also has the lowest cost of living.

Mississippi used to be one of the five richest states in the nation, but that all changed with the start of the civil war. Before the war, half the population was made up of slaves and the main industry was cotton. With those slaves free, it shouldn't be surprising that the economy took a turn for the worst. Lingering prejudice dampened economic growth as well. That is why so many people believe that Mississippi is just starting to get its bearings and flourish. Consequently, now might be a good time to invest in the region.

Most housing units across the state are single-family homes that are owned by the families who occupy them. There are also rental homes and apartments but they are more common in populated areas like Jackson, Gulfport and Hattiesburg.

Land is Mississippi's most valuable and plentiful resource. Since Mississippi is not densely populated and there are thousands of acres for sale. Investors can usually finds land parcels as small as one acre or others as large as several hundreds of acres. If you like water, there are lots on the narrow southern coast and acreage along the state's six rivers. If you do build by a river, leave plenty of room for flood erosion though. With rich soil and plentiful lumber, farming and forestry are two of the most important industries in the state. The woods make the state a good place for hunting and outdoor recreation as well.

There are five different regions in Mississippi: the hills, the pines, the capital, the delta and the coastal region. Outdoor activities are plentiful in every region, but each area has its own unique flavor. For example, the coastal region in the only part of the state with beach access while the capital region is famous for its deer, quail and turkey hunting.

Whether you are interested in Mississippi real estate for its housing, for its resources or for development opportunities, there are plenty of options to choose from. In fact, there are so many available properties, that it might be wise to have a Realtor help you sort them out.