All About Sandusky Ohio

by : Anthony Wayne

Sandusky, located on the shores of Lake Erie in northern Ohio, has a population of 26,216 (2006 census) and is one of the premier tourist destinations in Ohio. The city is home to Cedar Point one of the oldest and largest amusement parks in the United States.

Sandusky's History

Sandusky was originally a British trading and military outpost and was established around 1794. The original inhabitants of the area were the Seneca but were displaced during the American Revolution.

Sandusky has a rich history. During the war of 1812 the British naval fleet was defeated just off the Sandusky coast turning the tide of the war and forced the British to evacuate Detroit. Sandusky was an abolitionist stronghold and a major stop on the Underground Railroad helping slaves flee to Canada and freedom. Sandusky was also one of the first cities in Ohio to be served by rail service.

Sandusky's Culture

Sandusky has a diverse population and the median income is around $31,133. The city has a school system with a reputation for academic and athletic excellence. Sandusky has three high schools, Sandusky High School, Perkins High School and St Mary Central Catholic High School. Both schools participate in varsity sports and games are well attended.

Because of its location Sandusky offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Cedar Point is the world's largest amusement park (based on ride count) and has more roller coasters than any other amusement park. It is one of the oldest in the nation having been founded in 1870 and some of the rides from this era are still functioning. Cedar Point is also one of the most affordable amusement parks in the country.

Boating in Sandusky

Sandusky has a thriving recreational boating industry with over 6000 boats being registered in Ottawa County alone. The boating industry is a significant part of Sandusky's economy with the boating season running from approximately May 1st to October 31st. Sandusky offers ferry service to the islands located just a few miles offshore.

Sandusky's Quality of Life

Housing costs in Sandusky are well below the national average making it one of the most affordable cities to live in. Affordable rentals abound in Sandusky and the median house value is $75,000. (2000) Employment opportunities are in, recreation, manufacturing, medical and social services, retail, and accommodation and food services. Sandusky is serviced by Amtrak, Greyhound Lines, and multiple ferry boats. Sandusky is easily one of the best, and most affordable places to live in Ohio.