Wining Investments: Atlanta Foreclosure Listings

by : philip smith

For potential homebuyers looking to buy property in the Atlanta area, there's a lot to like about the possibility of owning a new home in this beautiful southern city. With beautiful neighborhoods that range from bustling downtown to quiet outlying suburbs, there's a lot to love about the history, culture and feel of this beautiful area. However, making a big investment in real estate isn't something a lot of people feel too confident about these days, with a sluggish housing market and lots of other expenses to worry about. But savings and good values do exist out there, and Atlanta foreclosure listings are a great way to find them.

For those unfamiliar with Atlanta foreclosure listings, you should be sure, anyone can learn to buy them, and for some of the best values available on homes today. Since homes in Atlanta foreclosure listings are sold as repossessions, they often go for far less than they are actually worth at auction. Most buyers find discounts ranging anywhere from 10 to 50% off when they buy them, allowing huge potential for savings, but also for creating better margins for investment value. Buying below market price means instant equity!

And there is an incredible market for Atlanta foreclosure listings these days. Atlanta currently lays claim to the 11th highest foreclosure rate among metropolitan areas nationally, creating thousands of buying opportunities for apartments, houses and even commercial properties. This is truly the way to buy discount property in Atlanta, because in today's uncertain market, ensuring investment value is key.

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