Foreclosures Can be Avoided (or Prevented)

by : Marina Clark

There are many ways to avoid and stop foreclosure.

The first step in avoiding foreclosure is to keep your mortgage company aware of your situation, continue to try and make some sort of payment, even if it is a partial payment.

If you get so far behind in payments that the lender files a Notice of Default, then your options get very limited and some mortgage companies are very reluctant to work out a repayment schedule after foreclosure has started.

At this point you will be given a certain amount of time to pay the delinquent payments current, any past interest that has accrued, costs of foreclosure filling fees along with all legal attorney fees.

Sometimes all these fees mount up so quickly that it is almost virtually impossible for home owners to face. It is often easier to walk away from their home instead of dealing with the situation. The sad part is, often they don't realize there are other options available to prevent foreclosure.

Foreclosure laws differ from state to state, but for the majority it all works the same either on judicial foreclosures or non-judicial foreclosures. However, on February 13th 2008 the Foreclosure Act of 2008 was introduced to congress. The bill could help over 600,000 people stop the foreclosure process by allowing them to file for bankruptcy, and then the bankruptcy judge has the option to modify the home owner's loan. There are many stipulations to this law and who qualifies. Not always is the home owner going to be able to save their house from foreclosure this way.

Foreclosure assistance is out there while many people are under the impression they must just let go of their home, and all of the equity they have built over a period of years, due to their financial situation. There are many companies out there that have the knowledge and understanding to help prevent foreclosure. Foreclosure prevention companies and loss mitigation companies have this knowledge specific for your state.

Not only will they work in your behalf to stop the foreclosure process, they will communicate directly with your Mortgage Company or lender. Often times these companies are able to negotiate lower monthly payments with smaller interest rates.

Many times these companies can help families to recover their life, and return to normalcy while staying in their home, when other wise they would have lost everything. There are many options that these companies can explain to you in your initial consultation. If you are one of the many home owners that are facing a foreclosure situation call a foreclosure prevention company to help you understand the foreclosure proceedings.