Find a Sweet Home in Alabama

by : Art Gib

Even though Alabama real estate can cost anywhere from hundreds of dollars to millions, median home prices hover somewhere around $250,000. Compared to the national average of $200,000, this is quite reasonable - especially when you through in the green scenery and temperate climate throughout the state. If you are partial to certain kinds of topography, be mindful that Alabama is only mountainous in the northeastern region while the rest of the state resembles a gentle plain. Streams, lakes, rivers and other waterways are plentiful throughout the state though. With hundreds of houses listed on the market, it should be easy to find one that you like but there are also plenty of lots for sale which means you can start from scratch and build your home exactly how you would like it.

Alabama isn't a very densely populated state, but if you are a city person, you should probably consider shopping for real estate in large metropolitan areas like Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville.

Birmingham has been an important city in Alabama ever since the turn of the century when its rapid growth earned it the nickname "The Magic City." In addition to its role as and iron and steel manufacturer, Birmingham has become involved the publishing, biotechnology, banking, insurance and medical industries as well. The arts are also an important focus in Birmingham as evidenced by the presence of many notable theaters and museums.

Huntsville has a reputation for being a diversified and well-educated area in Alabama. A common phrase among residents in the city is, "There's Huntsville and then there's the rest of Alabama." Perhaps the prevalence of engineers in the city has contributed to this reputation. Engineers are common in Huntsville because of the Marshall Space Flight Center. In fact, aerospace and military technology is such a big industry in the area that Huntsville has earned the nickname "Rocket City."

Unlike Birmingham and Huntsville, Mobile is located in the southwest tip of Alabama and constitutes Alabama's only saltwater port. A lot of Mobile's prosperity centers around this geographic feature. In fact, as of 2006, Mobile was the tenth largest port (by tonnage) in the U.S. As far as culture is concerned, the cultural multi-week celebration of carnival makes Mobile unique from other cities throughout the state.

Whether you choose to live in the city or the country, Alabama is seeped in southern pride and culture. As a newcomer, be prepared to acquaint yourself with Native American history, Civil War heritage, southern hospitality and the Bible belt.