Taking Your Real Estate Investing Business to the Next Level

by : Minh Pham

By Minh Pham, Mentor/Investor/Author, www.GuaranteeProfits.com

The one question I come across often from students is: 'How do I handle setbacks in my business?' or 'How do I get my business going when I'm stuck?'

Well, my answer to that is that there is always more money to be made and more deals to be done.? Do not rush life.? 'Enjoy the moment.'

If your ultimate goal from real estate investing is to have the 'quality of life,' then why do you compromise that by working too much or by having the mindset that enjoyment is only 'after' you accomplish a certain goal.?

You say to yourself; 'I'll enjoy life after I have done 25 deals', 'after I am financially independent', 'after I am debt-free', 'after I quit my full-time job', 'after I own 100 commercial units', 'after I have a million dollars in the bank', 'after I do this, after I do that'.?

NONSENSE!!! You will only understand how foolish that thinking is, 'AFTER YOU GET HIT BY AN 18 WHEELER GOING 100 MPH!!!'?? That's right, after you are dead, do you understand that 'after' is forever into the future and you wasted your life chasing after something that may never come to you.? THE KEY TO LIFE IS TO DIE FIRST AND THEN ONCE YOU REALIZE HOW SHORT LIFE IS ONLY THEN WILL YOU TRULY ENJOY LIFE.? So enjoy life now.? Enjoy the present moment.? And once you realize that 'success is a state of mind,' you will realize that you are rich now, and the material success manifest soon after. There can be no other way, because everything material firsts comes with a thought and you must first be successful in the mind before you can become successful in life.? Take a look around you.? Everything you see was first a thought.

I'll give you an example of success I had yesterday.? Usually, about an hour after lunch, I get tired and sleepy. So my usual routine is to take a nap or mediate for 30-60 minutes. When I'm done, the energy that I have really gears me up to tackle anything.? It's like a second day (within a day) for me.

But yesterday, I was very busy and I knew I really couldn't and I thought I shouldn't take that quick nap. I took it anyway because I know the work will always be there.? The money will always be there.? There will always be sellers and tenant buyers, and more issues to deal with. Generally, there are always things to do.

But, more important, is my state of mind.? What did I want?? I was tired and wanted to relax and chill...so I did.? Best 45 minutes I spent all day.?

Also, in your downtime, do not answer the phone, that is what voicemail is for.? Do not let little gadgets like cell phones, or pagers, or email or anything control your life.? It could be that big $50K deal...but, do not worry, you and I know there are tons of deals coming, if not with this call coming in maybe it will come in later today or sometime next week, but it will come.? For example, I see people who are reactive and they are controlled by every phone call that comes in. You see it sometimes when you're eating lunch with them.? They still pick up that phone.? Is it worth an interruption of your meal?? How can you eat and talk at the same time?? So stop the madness and control your life.? Do not let others control you.

Most of the time when you are running full speed, burnout is inevitable, but remember you are the key in this and keeping yourself healthy and happy will allow you to enjoy this business and lifestyle for a very long time.

I wish you much rest and success!