Keys to Success in Real Estate and in Life

by : Minh Pham

Lesson #1:? Enjoy Life.

Focus on the present rather than on the future.? Be in the Now. Don't deprive yourself of life's little pleasures.? Meditation helps. When you quiet your mind your soul tells you what is important.? Exercise helps as your body needs to stay fit.? Vacations help to get away from daily routine activities. And when things get tough, it is especially smart to take a vacation. Even when things are good still take a vacation.? The true secret to life is enjoy life at every moment everyday.? The fallacy with most people is that they think success is tomorrow or some goal into the future which they may never reach it.? You may get hit by a car and die today.? So learn to enjoy life today, tomorrow may never come. If you don't you stand the chance of sitting on your deathbed realizing that you wasted your entire life chasing rather then enjoying.

Lesson #2:? Love Yourself.

You deserve the best that life has to offer. From your love of yourself will you allow yourself to ENVISION a fantastic life for yourself.? Thus, from great visions, comes great outcomes.? Nothing is ever created without first a 'thought.'? So think yourself a wondrous life filled with joy, wealth, health, and happiness and it will manifest itself.

You must first learn to love yourself before you can love another.? Learn to respect others.? Learn to communicate with others.? Learn to network with others.? Learn to care for others.? Learn to love others.

Unless you can help (love) others they will not help you.? ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO NOT DO THINGS ALONE, THEY GET THE HELP OF MANY PEOPLE TO ACHIEVE AN OBJECTIVE. Think of the largest and most successful companies in the United States, who's on top of those organizations?? Did they do it alone or do they have thousands of people working for them and with them to get them where they are now????

So start the love within yourself first and let it spread.

Lesson #3:? Be Thankful.

This lesson is an understanding of 'attitude'.? You can be rich or poor with an attitude, but the ride is much more enjoyable with an 'attitude of appreciation'.

Sometimes investors have a hard time getting their venture going because they haven't recognized that PROBLEMS are necessary.? One thing is certain, you will face adversity while trying to learn to be real estate investor.? If anyone tells you they never made mistakes, run from them. They are lying to you.?

The odd thing is investors hate problems, but love them. Tell yourself that 'I LOVE PROBLEMS.'? If you do this and understand that there is a solution to every problem, then you take your thinking to another level.?

Because you cannot have one without the other, a solution exists from a problem.? Most people love solutions (opportunities abound from it $$$$$$$$$) but they don't know that it is the problem that caused the solution. Therefore embrace the problem. A solution will be manifested and you will learn and grow from it.

With the right attitude, you can only do what you can do, and then you'll have to let fate take over.? The things you can control include your thought process. Choices in life are made everyday.? So even though you can't control a hurricane you can get shelter. You can't control negative people but you can get away from them.? You can't control the market, but you can control not investing when conditions are not right.? Thus you can control your life and never suffer from a 'victim's' mentality because you are not.? We are only victims by our own choosing, but we are stronger if we choose to be.

Thus, be 'thankful' for the 'bad' situations in life because it leads to opportunities.? And be thankful for the 'good' situations because they are good also.? And if you look at life's big picture (think back throughout your life), bad situations turn out to be good and good situations are good (we remember the happy moments we cherish), thus, it's 'all good'.?? So be 'thankful' for all things and you'll never be down financially, spiritually, and in all of life.

Lesson #4:? Think About What You Are Thinking About.

Take charge of your own thinking. When you are driving somewhere, do you ever end up missing an exit or a turn because you were daydreaming or thinking of something else?? That's because you were not conscious of what you were thinking.? You must understand what you are thinking before you do anything, because in that example of driving, you cannot make an exit or make a turn (action) and then think about it after the fact. You have to think about it first.? So in your investing life, think about what you want, focus on it, and then the appropriate action will follow. Successful people agree that you must see your success, be able to envision it internally, before you can experience it in our actual outer life.

This thought process can help control your mood.? Emotions can be controlled with thoughts just as easy as switching channels when watching television.? Just change the channel if you don't feel like watching something.? Your emotions can change in an instant with a new thought.? You're feeling down emotionally, think about how you will be a happy, healthy, wealthy person which then changes your mood.

Watch What You Say.

If you say something, do it. If you say you will be somewhere for an appointment, keep that appointment.? It is very easy for me to see who will be successful and who will not when I mentor someone simply by seeing if my students' words match their actions.?

The ones who do as they say will have the world, but the ones that say a lot but don't follow through will end up working for those people that have the world.?

If you can't do something, don't say it.? And if you say it, do it.? Watch what starts to happen in your life when you do what you say. It's amazing!

Lesson #5: Feed Your Mind

Kill your television! Most news programs are negative. They sell fear and you are subscribing to it.? And too much time is wasted watching endless shows and nonsense.? You can live the life and be watched, or you can watch other people live out their dreams.? Which side of the television do you want to be on??

Make a habit of listening to or reading books on such subjects as: real estate, negotiation, sales, marketing, business growth, motivation, spiritual matters, health, and success. If you fill your mind with only good things then only good things will manifest in your life.? I can tell you that if there is anything that has helped me the most it has been constant learning, education and feeding my mind with endless good books, seminars, audio programs which helped me grow in all areas of my life.

Lesson #6:? Network with Positive People.

Investing is a constant learning process and it is best and easiest to learn from those who know.? Thus, learn to be like them and grow like them by being around them. Associate with positive people, and stop associating with negative people. Nothing is more helpful than a positive support group, like a real estate investment group or 'The Cashflow Lounge,' and nothing more damaging than constant negative reinforcement from 'friends' and family.? So when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and in life, to be 'successful' do as 'successful' people do.

Rule #7:? Kill Fear by taking Action.

Identify the negative influence that has caused your resolve to falter.? Lack of confidence is the greatest enemy and it is caused by fear.? Self-confidence increases when you continue to act with no regard for your insecurities.?? Focus on love, the opposite of fear.? Love will kill fear, and you can only love with action.? Love is remembering and understanding 'why' you are doing this business, the love of yourself and your families.

If you do a task enough times, the fear is lessened to the point that there is no fear left and the thing that you feared becomes second nature.? Think of anything you are able to do now such as making a presentation, making offers, making a call to a seller/buyer, closing a deal, or anything in your professional life that you are an expert at now but did not have a clue about it when you began.?

Was there fear there at first?? Absolutely.?

Is there fear now??? No.?

Thus, the love (of yourself for a better life) through action slowly killed the fear and now there is no fear.? No doubts, just confidence shining through as you get better and better through action.

Lesson #8:? Invest.?

Invest your time and invest your money.? You can spend it or you can invest it.? One wastes and the other creates.? So besides 'treating' yourself once in a while, you cannot grow unless you invest your two most valuable assets, time and money.? And do this consistently you can't help but become super successful.? If you invest in yourself through constant learning and growing personally, you will naturally learn things that will help you in life and in business.?

Assets create other assets and with an accumulated amount of assets, money starts to work for you.? You cannot be rich by working a JOB, the only way you will be rich is to let your money multiply and work for you.?

So if you have a million dollars, what would 10% return on that money give you each year?????? $100,000.00


So invest your time and money for wealth and financial independence!

If you constantly apply these lessons to your life, you will be guaranteed to be ultra successful.? You don't have to believe me, try it yourself.