Financial Independence Thru Real Estate Investing

by : Minh Pham

I know some of you dream of quitting your J-O-B and being financially independent.? What better year to do it than this year.? So, how do you become financially independent?? Well, let's do the math:


An average person's monthly expenses ???????? ??????????????????????? ??????????? ??????????? $3,000.00

Cashflow* from a property using

Lease Purchasing technique

($250.00 average per property):

??????????? $250.00 x 12 months???????????? ??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ??????????? $3,000.00

(*Cashflow is the difference between the seller's mortgage payments and what we charge in rents.?? Example: $1,400.00 Monthly Rents - $1,150.00 Seller's Mortgage Payments = $250.00 Cashflow)

So in 12 months of acquiring one property per month (if you are doing this business part-time) you can acquire 12 properties to be financially independent based on the above example in one year.

Or if you want to do it in 6 months that's just 2 houses per month.

Or in 3 months then that's just 4 houses per month.

Now you get the idea.?? The best part is that it doesn't even take into consideration the upfront Option Consideration which is 'non-refundable' and goes right into Hip National Bank, i.e., cash in your pocket!!!!? Cash you can use to pay off some debts and/or invest into your real estate investing business!!!?

At the end of the lease term there is still more good news.? If the Tenant/Buyer decides to purchase the property then you make an additional $10,000-$15,000 (this is an average, but we have more from the Back-end sale of a transaction) equity earnings at the settlement (Back-end profits).

If you want to build wealth the Cashflow can make you financially independent; the upfront Option Consideration can give you spending cash; and the Back-end profits can make you WEALTHY!!!

Best of all, you do it with no money of your own (except for marketing expenses), no bank loans, no fix-ups, quick turnaround, no landlording headaches, and very little risk!!!

I know many readers do not believe me so the only way you can understand this truth is to do one yourself.? Try one yourself and you will be convinced that investing in real estate using Lease Purchasing or other creative real estate investing techniques is a very smart way to wealth.?? Or just ask some of my successful students who are now believers.

The Cost in Real Estate Investing

Someone recently asked me 'I have little money, bad credit, little time, no real estate experience, and am looking to get started in real estate investing. How do I do it given my circumstances?'??

In creative real estate, you don't need many of the traditional things such as money to make money. You also don't really need great credit (or in my strategies, you don't need any credit to invest in real estate). There are ways to get around some of these roadblocks, but you do need time. Time to understand the business, time to get focused, and time to take action. Take everything away and that's all you have. So really what is it that you need? You have to have a desire to make it, a willingness to win.

That desire is something that does not happen overnight. Figure for the average investor, if you are willing to put forth about 20-30 hours a week to learn and do some of the things to get your business going then you will make it. Do this for about 3-6 months without quitting, without getting paid, or without complaining then you will have a chance.

Most people that succeed in anything know that they will make it even before they make it. It's called 'vision' and most successful people have this trait and you will too if you want to be a part of this group. If you think this business is tough, you are right.? If you think this business is easy, you are right also. But remember that it only matters what you think, so study hard and get the right mindset and you will convince yourself of anything. But, if you are looking for a quick fix, get rich over the weekend, type of luck in real estate investing, then don't waste your time here. There is no such thing as luck, just effort that produces results which only looks like luck. You and I know that with enough effort anything is possible.

I started out, just like most beginners hungry for an opportunity, no money, no credit, no knowledge, no experience, no connections, and no luck, but what I learned is that this business is a great one. I tried many different types of businesses before and also have a financial planning background.? I found that this business allows for you to have a good lifestyle, financial independence, and the ability to help countless people while enjoying yourself. Basically, it allows you true freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.? No rush hour traffic, no boss, no office politics, and no worries. And of course with all great things in life there is the sacrifice, so if not with money or credit then with time and desire. I hope this article helps you get on to the road to wealth and I wish you all the best!