Is the River Place Neighborhood in Austin Texas Right for You?

by : Joe Cline

River Place, TX, has a bit of a deceiving name, as it is not technically surrounded by river. It is, however, surrounded by water, lakes to be exact. The small community sits amid some of Austin's most beautiful lakes, making it a blossoming garden in the northwest corner of the city.


River Place's past is minimal, as the community has only seen development since the 1990s. But that doesn't mean the subdivision is lacking in history. River Place's history is Austin's.

Austin is a metropolis that has seen times of great growth and great decline. Through it all, it has risen to claim its rightful place among the nation's top cities. Today, students, young professionals and families flock to Austin for a place to live, work and play. Organizations daily discover the possibilities within the capital's limits and build their home base within its confines. This growing interest has led to the creation of subdivisions much like River Place, which while short on history for now, won't be for long.


Residents of River Place primarily work in Austin. The technology and science industries bring many researchers and future-thinking creators to the area. Colleges help to create even more, training the region's youth to be contributing members of the metropolis. Large companies, entering Austin with a growing frequency, create an ever-accumulating number of employment opportunities for the motivated, intelligent and dedicated employee. Austin's economy is growing and will continue to do so, making room for individuals and families like you and yours to find a place to thrive.

Real Estate

With such a recent beginning, the homes in River Place are all fairly new, with beautiful locations and spacious properties. Housing styles range from condominiums to single-family; all are well built and the ideal for any individual looking to buy a home.

For those interested in brand new or custom-built residences, there's room for that as well. River Place is a community looking to grow that will happily use your plans to do so.

As a community all homes in River place are a part of the River Place Residential Community Association and River Place Homeowners Association, both of which work to keep the citizens of River Place well represented, happy and secure.


The main attraction of River Place is River Place itself. Surrounded by lakes, the area is one giant postcard. Nature trails and overlooks offer the resident (and the visitor) constant views of Texas' picturesque land. You can walk through them or relax on one of the many benches and picnic areas set up for your enjoyment.

An 18-hole golf course, country club, garden club and numerous parks offer vast possibilities for pastime activities. However, if you aren't sure you'll be able to create events of your own, the homeowner's association will do it for you. Events throughout the year bring together the residents of River Place for fun, community and home.

River Place is an oasis, filled with the nature you dream of when looking for a place to raise your children. The location - within the borders of Texas - makes it the perfect combination of urban and suburban, and exactly what you were looking for.