Create "Top Sites" To Increase Your Traffic

by : Oleg Lazarenko

You have a website, beautiful in design and unique in content but nobody knows about it. How to drive traffic to your website easy and free? There are many ways to do that but today I want you to tell about 'Top Sites' software.

I'm sure your website is unique in content but it definitely has competitors through out the Internet and probably it has other websites close to its field but not competing with one you have. How do like an idea to place your banner or text ad on the pages of those websites? I bet you love it! Let me explain how you can do that. First of all you need to download and install on your server a piece of software that will allow you to track visitors from other sites. Other website owners should come to your website and sign up to get html code for button to be displayed on their websites. You may write them email to invite them to come to your website and register. Good explanation how both sites benefit from this step in that email may help a lot but be careful, email should be as personalized as possible as some webmasters may consider it spam and act accordingly reporting to your Hosting Provider.

Well, you have installed and got webmasters signed up what next? Sit back and enjoy. Each time somebody from the others websites visitors clicks on your button it will be counted as a voice for that website. The more visitors website sends the higher position it may gain in your listing and finally get more visitors from your website. I would call this strategy 'visitors sharing'. If somebody wants to leave your website it is be better to drive them to other websites with the benefit to your website then to make them simply close browser window, don't you think so?

Here is the website address where you can download the top sites installation:

It requires php and MySQL to run but I found installation and configuration very simple and those guys have a good online support on their website. It's up to you what version you would like to install since there are a lot of 'top sites' from different vendors through out the Internet and many of them offered for only a link back to the vendor's website. You may also see live demo of top sites on our website:

One more tip. If you have found out that your competitors already got a top site listing do not afraid to sign up for their program. You may integrate their top sites into your listing and that might help you to track visitors your competitor will send to your site and those visitors, who left your site and went to competitors. To do that you need only change the URL of your site when you sign up for other website top sites to the URL generated by your top site system. Thus your top sites will be able to count incoming visitors. Then just register competitor's website in your listing and instead of URL of their website place the URL generated by their top site system. That's the way they will be able to count visitors you send them from your top site listing.

That's only one of free ways to get some visitors to your website. It takes some efforts and time but it's free and you will get visitors 24 hours 7 days a weak. To get some more ideas how to get traffic please visit our website and read more articles.