Fsbo Sellers : Security Tips

by : Abhinav Sidana

When you want to sell your home you will be exposing yourself to many strangers, irrespective of the fact that you are going through a real estate agent or not. Hence some precautions are required to be taken by you since some dishonest persons with criminal intentions may also be looking at your home for executing their criminal activities.

Although this is an unfortunate topic to discuss, yet let us go through this since the safety and security of your family members is more important than selling your house. But the chance of such person contacting you is very less, still always better to be careful.

The following tips may help you in this regard, as FSBO seller.

1. Never leave any message in your answering machine that you are not at home. It will be better to say that you are unavailable to answer him at that point of time.

2. Always get the name and phone number of a person before giving him appointment to see your house. Never forget to cross verify the given number.

3. Please remove all keys, cards, money and other valuables from the house before you conduct an open house.

4. Make the entire visitor to sign in the guest book with his address and number. It is your right as far as your personal safety is concerned.

5. Ensure all visitors enter and exist through one door only.

6. Always escort a prospective buyer rather than leading him.

7. Never enter a bedroom or other room with a visitor, as there is a possibility of getting you trapped inside.

Hope such precautions will be of real help for the safety of yourself and your family members. Wish you all good luck in FSBO