Jaime Hayon Making Furniture Design

by : Jessica Whittaker

Spaniard Jamie Hayon is a very bold and far-stretched designer that knows no bounds, and asks no questions, as his style is neither here nor there. He is an exemplar of designers for this generation, and well poised on his way to becoming like the greats of history for the future. Jamie has a knack for designing anything under the sun, and has his hands in everything including lighting, and one of his most standout pieces is the Josephine Queen Chandelier. It is a fitting name, since the Chandelier is known for its opulence and beauty, and so to with this modern take on the classic design, Hayon preserved and offered a substantial amount of extravagance and splendor.

The Josephine Queen Chandelier's is based on a redefined porcelain lamp that was initially designed for Metalarte, who is also the sole manufacturer of the chandelier as well. The general styling of the chandelier is most unique, as it is a bold contemporary design that will transcend the years and it will always be the centerpiece of any décor. The basics of Jamie's design are wrapped in the typical module of what a chandelier ought to look like, but then becomes something else when the unique shapes, colours and materials collide. The look and the design of the chandelier comes in three luxurious patterns and high gloss colours consisting of the singular level black, the double tiered white/platinum, and the three layered gold style. The lampshades are retained as the core pieces that make up each tier and come in combinations that are multiples of 3 on all the chandeliers, e.g. the three layered gold chandelier has nine at the bottom, then six in the middle, and three on top.

The shape of the chandelier sticks to the rounded bottom silhouette, as the metallic hoops that create that effect are also in the same high gloss finishes of the shades, in order to match flawlessly with its corresponding chandelier. Also in the same colours are the metallic support and the peerless, intricate shaped porcelain base of every shade that also doubles as the holders of the bulbs in each shade, creating a perfect effect of unity and seamlessness that captures any environment. The use of natural colours in high glossy burnishes in combination with the metallics really makes the Josephine Queen Chandelier collection jump out and astonish, as the right mixture of essences are established, including naturalism, modernistic, creating fresh clean lines, with true beauty and elegance are at the core of this design.

The Josephine collection is quite a twist of the classic into the new, and Jamie Hayon is no novice, solidifying the fact that his taste for unique will always win out in the end. And in his project for La Terraza del Casino, where he designed the interior, he used his eye-catching chandelier in a custom pattern for the ceilings of the casino. The contemporary lighting fixture has the ability to stand out for a very long time, and become a style icon on its own, as its overall aura of the chandelier will pique anyone's interest, even the simplest person, as its beauty and refinement fits the essence of a queen.