Furniture Design By Louise Campbell

by : Jessica Whittaker

The Collage was created in 2004, but it wasn't officially launched until 2005 and it was an addition to her already impressive lighting fixture repertoire. Louise Campbell is an amazing and bold Danish designer of today, as she has a very brash and interesting outlook on design, as she pulls from everything as source for her inspiration. She is a relatively young designer when compared to the career life span of other designers, and although she has done quite a number of designs, exhibits and very active in her design community, her work already stands out as the one to watch. And to prove my point as she has received quite a number of awards and acclaim. Most, if not all her lighting designs and concepts are manufactured by Louis Poulsen Lighting, which is in constant production.

The Collage is a beautiful aesthetic that can be added to any décor, as its fresh, crisp, clean design contrasts the level and detail of the ornate design, as it speaks volumes the about the designer. The lighting fixture can be hung from anywhere and therefore that's how it came to be referred to as "The Collage Pendant" by many. The initial source of inspiration was from nature, "the forest in particular and the way light filters through thousands of layers before reaching the ground." Just the sheer beauty of the design portrays the exact train of thought that inspired the Collage, hanging light, as the hanging theme goes with the branches and leaves perched so high up.

The materials used are three layers of laser cut acrylic for the shades, and the suspension is made from naturally anodized aluminum. Each shade is cut with its own pattern that is based on uncomplicated abstraction of the ellipse, which is evidently positioned very randomly and freely on each of the three layers. Each of the three shades is smaller than the last and placed inside one another, as this together with the pattern creates a complete scope of the depth and shadows contrast of each other on the pendant itself. This causes the unique calming aura of the lamp, which is very pleasing, and despite the hundreds of holes all around the pendant; the light doesn't find a way to blind the eye.

The Collage pendant creates a very unique ambience that is also alterable to and extent as the numerous different designs hidden on the shades create atmosphere after atmosphere. The lighting fixture has a somewhat endless mixture of patterns, just like the source of inspiration with the light playing through the abundant leaves of the many trees, and many countless patterns that could be created in nature. Each is new feeling and a new experience everytime, as each reflection of light is controlled but still with touch of freedom and unexpectedness.

The colour palette represents tranquility and nature with a lot of light, happy invocations consist of snow white, heavenly blue, spring green, hotlips (pink), and smoke screen (smoke tinted). All the colours, with the exception of snow white, are mixed by hand. It is a beautiful creation that echoes the point of the designer very clearly through a play on aesthetics and materials with bold shapes.