Insights for Todays Anxious Home Seller

by : Ted Gaurnero

In the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis, and in the unknown instability of today's economy it's no wonder house sales are not as easy as they were during the past decade of booming real estate. If you're looking to sell your home in today's market, know that it is not an impossible task but that the playing field has certainly changed and you'll need to know the new rules of the game to come out on top with a sale you're satisfied with.

These days the number one thing you can do to boost your chances for a relatively quick and easy sale is to price your home well. Today this translates into a home priced at or slightly below fair market value. As painful as it may be, if you're not willing to sell at or below market value, then you're better off sitting on your property and waiting for some clear blue skies on the real estate horizon. It has become evident that sellers who believe they can up the sale price of their home, in hopes of still gathering offers, albeit possible low ball offers, are mistaken. An overpriced home these days, just means that potential buyers will quickly move onto a better priced one and those overpriced homes are left gathering dust.

The other tip you'll want to look into seriously, is to ensure you've attended to all major and even most minor repairs on your property. In today's market folks who are looking for fixer uppers are generally looking into the short sale and foreclosure market. Know that the market you are competing in doesn't have a lot of room for repairs, and the most competitive properties are those in top notch condition, or at the very least those that can give that "tip-top" appearance. In some situations, investing some time, money and energy into creating some curb appeal through landscaping can help. You might also consider a home staging company to help prepare your home for sale in this competitive market.

Finding a superior real estate agent is paramount in the sale of your home. Ideally you'll want to find someone who knows your area well and who has a great track record for consistent sales. Generally you'll want to find a seller who can say they average three to four months per sale. An average over six months is just too long. You really want to find someone who knows your particular market and how to price for it.

Be an active participant in the sale of your home- or at the very least be ready to be flexible. You'll keep on the competitive edge this way by being open to last minute walk throughs and showings. Be diligent about keeping the house in showing condition throughout the sales period of your home. The more access agents have to your well-attended home, the more traffic you'll get. You can increase the probability of a quicker sale this way.

Cover these bases and you'll be on your way to a relatively quick and easy sale.