Living in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

by : Neil Ebsworth

Imagine living in a place where the word pleasant goes beyond the adjective's meaning, instead it is used to name a suburban town in the Charleston county. With great certainty, Mount Pleasant is indeed a pleasant place to live in. The town was known to be the bedroom community of Charleston which provided living quarters for the people who worked in Charleston.

The boom in Mount Pleasant SC real estate occurred between 1970 and 1990 when heavy development was implemented in the the tourism industry of Charleston. During this time, the prices of real estate properties of Mount Pleasant soared up, yet even with this price hike, the industry still remained to be a stable. Just like Charleston, Mount Pleasant provides modern living in a historic setting. It has the old world charm and modern age living mixture at its best.

At present, Mount Pleasant SC real estate is not mainly focused on the residential aspect of real estate, but instead ventures out to the more profitable commercial aspect. To preserve the town's unique landscape and natural beauty, a foundation called the Mount Pleasant Open Space Foundation was created. This is to ensure that the town will remain to be one of the most livable places in the Southeastern part of the United States.

Wonderful neighborhoods are abundant in Mount Pleasant and one of them is the Old Village. The neighborhood of the Old Village is perfect to bring up a family because it has several areas for recreation such a public park and a fishing area. It also provides a wide angle view of the Charleston Harbor. Its oak-lined streets are perfect for a stroll or a bike ride with the family. The neighborhood has several exquisite turn of age houses that is an added attraction to the place.

Another neighborhood of interest is the I'On Village, which is a result of masterful planning of living elegance. The neighborhood boasts of a combination of natural beauty and modern amenities as it features sparkling lakes and creeks, as well as offices and fine eateries. Modern condominiums and town houses are aplenty in this neighborhood.

Park West is one neighborhood that is one of the most sought after places to live in Mount Pleasant because of the scenic water views that residents can get. Living in Park West is very convenient as it has two elementary schools in its area. There are also shopping centers, business centers and parks where the residents and their guests convene to work, play, shop, and dine. It also has avenues for tennis, football, soccer, and swimming. An added bonus to the place is that it remains to be secluded and has a high value for privacy.

These are just three of the many neighborhoods that one can choose from when thinking of living in the up and coming town of Mount Pleasant. There are more neighborhoods that will cater to one's need and preference. Mount Pleasant SC real estate is one very diverse and varied type of real estate that does have everything that a discerning buyer needs