Chandler, Arizona Real Estate

by : Juhlin Youlein

Chandler Arizona was named after Dr. Chandler who moved to the area decades ago. The town was put on the map when the prestigious San Marcus hotel was built close to now what is considered down town. When the hotel was first built it was in the middle of the desert accompanied only buy desert cacti and shrubs. Today it is a historic hotel tucked behind growth and development. Chandler has become a modern society aided by the employment of the tech industries.

Chandler center for the arts is just a stones trow away from the San Marcus Hotel and Golf Course. It is used as a theatre from concerts to ballet. The structure is filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of chandeliers. The entire city benefits from the structure as it is even used for the local high school concerts and art displays.

Fine dining isn't foreign to Chandler, but some of the best restaurants are ran by Mom and Pop. One can choose from authentic mexican at Elmer's Tacos or Guedo's Tacos, One of the best pizza places is Nello's just up the street. Or the more popular restaurant chains like the Cheese Cake Factory and BJ's Pizza are found at the Chandler Mall. Chandler is also home of the first Cold Stone Creamery. Whatever your craving is, Chandler will have it.

One of the most anticipated event of the year is the Ostrich Festival. I know that might sound a little out of place for Chandler, but Chandler had ostrich Farms back in the day. In celebration of Chandler's roots, people from all over the phoenix valley come to watch ostrich races and enjoy a carnival. Rides and plenty of good food abound. Live music fills the air each night and unique vendors line the streets. It is a fond memory for Chandler residents who remember the festival as kids. It is a one of a kind festival that the entire family can enjoy. It last for a few days and happens one time a year.

Chandler also was a farming town. There is still evidence of this in the way the city is laid out. There are a few farms here and there that remain that give Chandler that rural look. Chandler has a building code that includes a strict height limit to buildings and commercial fronts. You won't see any sky scrapers in Chandler, but you will find a south west fill to everything from the shopping centers to the neighborhoods.

Although Arizona is a desert, Chandler has many lake communities and plenty of green golf courses. With all the sunshine just about anything grows in Arizona. All one needs to do is add water. Chandler is an Oasis for many residents. A good portion of the population comes from other states only during the winter time. These winter visitors return to their home towns during the summer and take advantage of Arizona's perfect winters. The cost of living is very reasonable and is sure not to turn anybody away. The variety of what Chandler has to offer will suit any new comer. Residents are friendly and almost nobody is native. Well, at least that is the way it seems. With 4% a year population growth it is no wonder either. Arizona is t he place to be.