Online Estate Agent; the Benefits

by : Oliver

When buying or selling your home, it can be a long difficult procedure and in some cases you probably wish you had never started, but there are plenty of ways to make your process an easy one.
Most of us who buy or sell a house will use an estate agent. These will be the people who advise on price, negotiate between different sellers and buyers and handle the advertising of a property.
Because of the expansion in internet usage, serious buyers no longer waste their time by visiting all the estate agents on their local high street. The internet has been a boon to those unwilling to use estate agents and now has encouraged buyers to find their ideal home by searching the web and contacting the agent marketing the property they are interested in.
Online services enable homeowners to advertise to millions of potential buyers until the house is sold. Over 90% of buyers search the internet portals, such as Rightmove, Primelocation, Propertyfinder, etc... to look for homes. With online agents Your Property could also go on the market within 24 hours which could normally take up to two weeks at high street estate agencies.
There are no middlemen sales pitches and you avoid the sense of helplessness some sellers feel when estate agents are the middleman and filter the information on how the sale is going.
If you buy or sell a house online you can also save thousands in estate agent fees, as well as being in full control of the property sale. Online agents such as WOW property offer a fixed fee irrespective of the value of your property. It will cost just ?899 plus vat on completion of your sale with no up front fee or any hidden extras.
The fact that you are in charge of the relationship with potential buyers can help sell your home more easily. Most high street agents visit your home, measure the rooms for 20 minutes and leave with a basic knowledge of your property. With the knowledge that you have of your house, you can help sell it with details such as the rooms which receive the most sunlight, details about the history and the price of your council tax.
Added extras can also be added to your online advert that would not be available in a high street estate agency. These are things such as virtual tours, a higher amount of information about your home and more detailed pictures at different angles. This is certainly more beneficial than one or two grainy photos and a couple of sentences in a shop window.