Real Estate in San Migul De Allende Mexico

by : Jason Keiller

Real estate in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, has been very popular over the last decade or so with the expatriate retiree community.

Located in the central mountainous central region of Mexico, in the state of Guanajuato, San Miguel De Allende is steeped in Mexican history, where it played an important role in the Mexican War of Independence in the 1800's.

San Miguel was always a popular destination for the wealthy due to its natural hot springs, its quiet beautiful feel, temperate climate, and colonial architecture.

San Miguel De Allende is estimated to have approximately 8,000 expatritate retiree's, with a total population of around 85,000. The majority of these are Americans, with a high number of Canadians also, and some Europeans. One reason that real estate in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico continues to grow steadily is, due to the large expatriate community here, this has brought about the development of amenities and facilities which are not normally found in such towns of this type in Mexico.

The government has focussed greatly on restoring many of the old buildings in the town to maintain the 16 th century colonial feel of its beginnings. Vacation homes are highly sought after, especially by the American market, in the old section of town. Leading to a property boom in San Miguel De Allende. With its 300 year old mixture of Spanish and Mexican architecture and beautiful gardens, San Miguel has remained very much in the feel of traditional Mexico.

Author: Jason Keiller

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