Finding An Agent to Sell Your Private Property

by : Cheow Yu Yuan

If you have a private property to sell off, you need to find a professional property agent to facilitate your selling process. A property agent is a professional who help in connecting buyers to you in the property industry. A good agent will help you to sell off your private property faster. Some of the property agents also do link up tenants to landlords for property rental. So if you intend to rent out your private property, you can also look for a property agent.

There are many ways to find a property agent to help sell your house. Newspaper, flyers, real estate chatroom and property listing directories are great places to find an agent. One of the fastest ways to find an agent is to log on to your local property listing directories. You should be able to find a couple of them there.

How does a property agent earn money from you? He or she earns from you by linking you up with potential buyers and charging you a commission when a deal is confirmed. If you are selling a property, the commission is usually charged to you, whereas if you decide to rent it out, the commission will be charged to you and the tenants involved in the transaction. So how much does an agent charges? It is usually a percentage of the selling price or part of the rental. Therefore, before you engage him or her, make sure that you find out what is the percentage fee the agent is charging.

Once you have engaged an agent to represent you, you should leave the keys with him or her so that whenever there is someone who is interested in your house and wants to take a look, the interested party can contact your agent directly. This will speed up efficiency and save you lots of hassles.

One of the benefits to look for an agent to sell your private property is that a lot of home seekers love to seek out property agents to get properties fast. As the agents are very familiar with the real estate industry, it makes sense for home seekers to approach them and get ideas of the going rate for properties in their respective region. This means that your agent will have a very wide network of potential buyers and you absolutely need to leverage on that.

Last but not least, you need to look for trustworthy agent to represent you. You should go to property website and directories which offer reviews and testimonials of agents for the transactions that they have done it the past. If you are comfortable with review of a particular agent, you can contact him or her for a discussion to sell off your private property.