Moving to Oakville?

by : Debra Curran

It's amazing the number inquiries I receive from people all over Canada who are moving to Oakville, Ontario. Many have already visited our lovely town and are familiar with all that Oakville has to offer and their priority is finding the right Oakville, Ontario real estate agent to help them find that perfect home. Some have already decided they want to work with a Royal LePage Oakville agent and just need to find an agent they feel they can trust - which is little more difficult when you've never met the person! One of the most flattering things I have been told, is that the real Debra Curran is exactly they type of person they expected to meet based upon my website and what my clients say about me. That's quite a compliment when you consider how many real estate agents in Oakville,Ontario alone that are on the web.

So how does a buyer or seller moving to Oakville make the distinction of choosing who they will contact? I've asked my clients this many times and the answers vary, but there is one common theme - even on the internet, home buyers are looking for an agent they feel they can trust. Buyers and sellers are smart and savy, and they are looking for substance, such as what former clients say and what the real estate agents background is. They see how long it takes for the agent to respond to a simple inquiry and the quality of the information the real estate agent supplies them with. For me it's been very interesting to see how people I have never met connect when we finally go and see that first home. I take pride that with the right homework and the right questions, by the time I take clients out to see properties in Oakville - we feel like we know each other. Of course working for Royal LePage Real Estate in Oakville helps! It's like having a great reference - People trust Royal LePage, and our Oakville office is one of the busiest in town so clients moving to Oakville have the added the added security of knowing that I work for the best real estate company in Canada!

I love working with all types of homebuyers and finding the right home in Oakville for an out of town buyer is particularly rewarding!

I work with all types of buyers whether it's new homes, condo's, townhouses or detached and I work throughout Oakville - downtown, southeast Oakville and throughout the many lovely neighbourhoods to the north - like Falgarwood, Wedgewood Creek, Joshua's Creek, West Oakville Trails, River Oaks, College Park and West Oakville. I also work in Burlington and Mississauga some we've got west of Toronto covered.