Living in Dallas

by : Bill Hinson

Dallas has something for everyone, offering the best in sports and schools, as well as still being able to provide areas for nature lovers and those who have an eye towards art. Dallas, like any big city, has a host of neighborhoods-each with its own unique personality, and things that are specific to it.

Dallas is one of the largest cities in the country and has its eye on the future, rather than becoming a historical city-even though it possesses ample history. It is a great place for history buffs to come and roam. Dallas was incorporated as a town in 1856, so you can easily imagine how much history that town has to offer, from its first citizens to the effects the Civil War and Reconstruction had on the city. There is also a wealth of museums and planetariums available for residents to visit.

The entertainment available in Dallas is on-going. There are several shopping venues available to those who enjoy shopping and there is the Irvine Mall with brand-name stores and the Grapevine Mills Mall, for the adventurous shopper. Aside from shopping, there are numerous restaurants available for residents to dine at. Anything you want or crave can be found at a restaurant in Dallas, it doesn't lack for taste.

For the sports-minded citizens, Dallas offers its pro football team, the Dallas Cowboys, in NBA it has its team of the Dallas Mavericks and in hockey it is home to the Dallas Stars. Dallas boasts state of the art stadiums for viewing its sporting events.

The nature lovers of Dallas aren't left wanting, as Dallas has numerous parks-all of which are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the area. These parks allow families to enjoy the outdoors and provide unique recreational activities.

Artistic souls also have a place in Dallas, as it has 17 blocks of art in the Downtown Arts District. This area is the largest concentration of arts in any other major city of the country. The Downtown Arts District offers residents access to incredible arts and crafts that are produced by some of the top artisans from around the world. It has a thriving art scene and unique culture that is distinctly its own.

Living in Dallas provides its residents with everything that they need from shopping to sporting events, and history to art culture.