What is it Really Like to Call Eagle Idaho Home

by : Joesph Gruff

Located just north of Boise, on the far western side of central Idaho is the town of Eagle Idaho. The last census taken in the year 2000 registered just over 11,000 residents, so it still is a place where someone that wants to experience a change from a big city can find it.

Eagle Idaho is known as a bedroom community for the city of Boise, which is poised to become the site of the next big real estate gold rush in the western U.S. Eagle Idaho home and property statistics are truly startling and reflect the small town character that is so much a part of Eagle Idaho.

For instance, the year 2000 census of eagle Idaho found that a full 70% of its households were occupied by married couples that were still living together. This speaks volumes for the small town charm of Eagle, where it is common to see couples going for evening walks along its streets that are known for their peaceful tranquility.

Because it is still a well kept secret that is just now beginning to be discovered, Eagle Idaho home sales have recently began to spike up. However, with the median price on a two bedroom home still barely above $200,000, finding an affordable home there is still not a problem.

One of the factors that make finding a suitable Eagle Idaho home to live in so easy, is that unlike so many other cities and towns across the U.S., there simply are no 'bad areas' in Eagle. The greater Boise area is now recognized as one of the premier recreation areas in the U.S. with an abundance of rivers for summertime activities and plenty of snow during the winter for skiing.

These are just a few of the many reasons why it is projected that over 18,000 retirees are expected to relocate to the greater Boise Idaho area over the course of the next ten years.