Caldwell Idaho Real Estate Market is Poised to Boom

by : Joesph Gruff

Caldwell Idaho is one of the cities that are part of the greater Boise Idaho area and it is the first city that you will encounter as you enter the great Treasure Valley of Western Idaho. Just as with other cities and towns that make up the greater Boise area, the Caldwell Idaho real estate market has fared well in comparison to other areas of the country that have been in a slump in recent years.

Caldwell however, is in a unique position that sets it apart from other cities of the area, because of an aggressive development program that it is just beginning to undertake. The Caldwell Industrial airport is just starting in on a massive development project that is expected to take over five years to complete.

This project, along with a $20,000,000 downtown renewal project is expected to give the Caldwell local economy a real 'shot in the arm' that will only mean good things for Caldwell Idaho Real Estate investors.

Rental properties are expected to be at a premium and that especially holds true for homes that are located downtown or in the area of the Industrial Airport. Also, with an expected 18,000 retirees expected to make the greater Boise area their new home over the next ten years, it doesn't take a Harvard economist to realize that Caldwell has the potential to be the site of the next big real estate 'gold rush'.

Just as with any gold rush however, it is the prospectors that arrive first that prosper the most so the time to act is now. Caldwell Idaho real estate values have just recently began to spike up but with the median price on a two bedroom home in the Caldwell area still below $200,000 there are still plenty of good opportunities available.