Real Estate - an Ever Appreciating Investment Option

by : addi vardhaman

Real estate in India is now a safe destination for potential investors. Service apartments or Fully-furnished houses are preferred choices of long-stay executives, foreigners, Non Resident Indians and other frequent travelers to India. These properties offer all the convenience of a hotel with the privacy and comfort of home. Whether the person is a business traveler or holiday maker, looking for more than just a regular hotel room, a service apartment is the cost benefit alternative. Giving people more space, more privacy and at a cheaper rate, most of these apartments can be available either for a day or for a year.

These ever growing Fully Furnished and service apartments offer facilities like, Air Conditioned Rooms/Apartments, Internet facility or wifi, ISD, CTV, Fully equipped Kitchen, 24 Hours Water and Laundry services, House Keeping and Electric Power Backups. Tourist Department in India with the 'Incredible India' campaign is also promoting bed and breakfast apartments and hotels.

Service apartments in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, etc., are now booming. Residential-style apartments with hotel like bed and breakfast amenities are meant mainly for multinationals, corporates and regular foreign visitors. These service apartments normally come with A/C and furnished flat, attached bath, fully equipped kitchen, TV, fridge, washing machine, locker, telephone connection, 24x7 Internet connectivity, cent per cent power back-up, 24 hours security, fire safety and private parking facility.

Investing in immovable property in India is no more a tough task with difficulties due to a combination of factors . A meticulous planning at the initial investment stage can make the whole process lucid. While on the road way of making investment in this growing market, people are advised to do research online on the real estate market. extensive reaserch ensures that the investment has been right and in time to come and will allow a good return. Foreign resident of Indian Origin can also invest in this sector. Such investors are advised to discuss the conditions governing purchase and sale of immovable property by Non-Resident Indians and persons of Indian origin before they start their investment venture.RBI grants permission to foreign citizens of Indian origin to invest in local funds in real estate on submission of necessary applications provided such investments are for use of residence.